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Computer Replacement Policy

Recommended computer replacement schedule is every 5 years.
Windows XP devices will not be supported on the network.  
The Asset Manager at each site can run a report on the age of your site computers. This allows for planned replacement budgeting and smaller year to year costs. 

Relocating Equipment

All equipment, computer, monitors, printers and phones must remain at their current location.
Computers/Monitors- are assigned to the room and not the individual teacher. The only reason equipment should be removed from a room; 1) Maintenance is doing renovations that require the room to be emptied over the summer. 2) The equipment is being permanently removed. NOTE: If the equipment is being permanently removed from a room or site, you must notify your site librarian and the purchasing department for proper procedures.

Phones- Never move or unplug the phones. The phones are on their own network and have a dedicated port they must be plugged into. If you move it to another port they will not work...

Printers- Printers are on a contract which includes support and maintenance. If you are having an issue with your printer contact the vendor under contract directly. The telephone number and ID number will located on the sticker on the front of the piece of equipment.

Screen Lock Policy

Manually lock your computer screen EVERYTIME you walk away from it. (Windows Key + L)

All District-owned computers are configured to have a password-enabled screen saver. This security lockout feature will automatically initiate after the computer remains idle from user interaction after [60 minutes]. The user must then re-enter their password to gain access to the computer.

The lockout is an additional security measure that hel
ps to protect the information displayed on your screen, stored on your computer hard drive, and the information that is accessible from your computer.

Standardized Product List

The standardized product list is created and maintained by the purchasing department. If you have questions or comments regarding the purchase of equipment and/or supplies please contact purchasing.


End of Year


  • Ensure all computers, monitors and printers are powered off.
  • Use supplied DataVacs to perform preventative maintenance and cleaning.
  • Use cleaner 710, you can get this from the custodian to wipe down the monitors, mouse, keyboards and desktop areas.
  • Ensure the cables are neat in orderly.
  • Use your own judgement as to what you think needs to be done to have it ready to go when you come back next school year.


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