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The Help Desk Ticket System is an internal system used to report issues with your computer or technology related hardware at your school site and Illuminate Student Information System procedure/process issues, it is not utilized for general questions. If you have something that needs to be fixed, moved, added and/or changed, click on the HELP BUTTON to the right. This icon is also available on each users desktop.
  1.       Every user must submit their own tech tickets, only in emergencies will your site tech or secretary enter the ticket for you. The person experiencing the issue has the best information to allow us to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

  2.       Include as much information as possible, including what you were doing and/or which program or screens you were in at the time the issue occurred.

  3. Include what attempts have been made to resolve the issue. 

Sign In- Using your email address (firstname_lastname@morongo.k12.ca.us) and the password you set up at time of registration. The IT Department does not store this password, if you forget the password please reset your password.

Reset your password- (this option is available when you open the tech ticket system to log in) Enter your email address (firstname_lastname@morongo.k12.ca.us) and select reset password. The system will send you an email to create a new password.

Register for a new account- Team password: Obtain this from your school site secretary or school site technology coordinator, Please use your @morongo.k12.ca.us email address to register.

Add new ticket- You have two options to select from when entering a tech ticket. At the top of the ticket, on the black bar, by the question mark you have a pull down to select Technology or Cabling.  Please ensure you enter your ticket in the correct category of the tech ticket system. 

Please see your site Administrative Assistant or your Lead Custodian to enter a tech ticket for any work requiring maintenance of electronic equipment such as audio visual, intercoms, clock systems, fire & security alarms, bells, network drops, cabling, projectors, security cameras, Eno/Smart Boards and Williams Inspection.

For all other issues not listed under the Cabling category.

When you are finished creating your ticket click on SAVE, which will submit the ticket for resolution. Your open tickets will show in your dashboard. If you notice that the location default is incorrectly listed under your name below the blue save, please submit a tech ticket to have this corrected. This location is how tickets are escalated to the correct tech for your site/location and where the tech will go to resolve the issue.

Attachments- You will be unable to add an attachment until you have saved the ticket. Once you click on save you can then select a file to upload.

Add response- To check the status, provide additional information or respond to a request from the tech on a ticket, select the ticket from your dashboard and go to the bottom of the page to see information on this ticket or click on add response to include a message.

Re-Open a closed ticket- If your ticket has been previously completed and you noticed that the issue does not appear to be resolved, you will need to add a response or follow up to the ticket asking IT to re-open the ticket.  To see your ticket that have been completed click on list from the ribbon at the top and change the filter to show completed tickets.  Select your ticket that you would like to re-open and add a response. Please do not create a new ticket on an existing issue.


Illuminate Portals 

Click on the icon to the right for quick access. This icon is available on every students desktop.
  • Students: The portal allows for student access to view their grades, take online assessments, and view attendance.
  • Parents/Guardians: Please visit your students school site secretary to obtain an access code to register for your parent portal.
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