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Updated August 3, 2018


For technology issues, a new system has been implemented to make it much easier for the MUSD technology team to track the progress of a particular issue. It’s called “MyTechDesk”, and it’s online for everybody from anywhere in or outside the district. 

Here are the basics:

  • Go to the following website
    • If you have previously logged in to this system or were simply employed on this campus with a district email address, you are an “Established User”.
      • Enter your username.  Initially it was in the format
        • (This can be changed once you are logged in)
      • Enter your password.  Initially it was “techticket2” or “Changeme1
        • (This can be changed once you are logged in)
  • Click “Add new Ticket
  • A text field will be provided to briefly describe the problem/issue.
  • There are then two pull-down menus available.  The Category should be completed by the user.  Leave Priority to Jason Bolt or Anna Tyson.  They will see everything in the same order (as it is received).  If the ticket needs to be escalated to the DO, a priority will then be assigned by the DO.
  • Fill in “Description” with as detailed a description of the problem as possible.  Whoever works on the ticket may not be able to do it when the user is available.
  • For the “Assigned to” pull-down, please refer to the following instructions.
    • For technology issues (other than Illuminate) users must initially assign Jason Bolt to all technology tickets.
      • If the ticket is not resolved within a few days, the district team will automatically contact Anna Tyson to assign it to a higher level if need be.
      • Tickets can’t be assigned to a higher level until they have gone through Jason AND Anna first.
    • For Illuminate issues, users should assign the ticket to Sandi House.
  • Click on due date and a calendar will pop up.  You can choose a preferred date of completion.
  • Fill in “Computer Name” with Room # and location of computer/printer.
  • Leave the rest of the fields alone. They are for Anna Tyson’s or DO use only.
  • Click “Save” (scroll back up on the right)

That’s it!  From there Jason and Anna will immediately receive an email regarding your situation and you will receive a confirmation email as well.  Your ticket will also be available on the same site for editing and replies.

IMPORTANT: Do not reply to the emails sent!  Instead, go to the site (link will be provided in email), find the ticket and click “Add follow-up”.  Again, Jason and Anna will get the email, as will you.

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