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Today: 12/3/16
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2016 Board of Education Election

The Biennial Election of School Trustees is required to be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  It will be a consolidated election to include governing board members in elementary, high school, unified and community college districts.  (Cal. Ed. Code §§ 5000, 5323, 5325 and 5340)

Notice Regarding Board of Education Agendas

As part of Morongo Unified School District's commitment to conserving resources, beginning with the January 12, 2016, Board of Education meeting, the full agenda will be published electronically only. Agendas are available at:


Board of Education Meetings

Board of Education Meetings are generally held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. For a complete schedule, click on the link to the left titled "2016-2017 Board Meeting Dates"

Board Members

Chris Proudfoot Board President email Mr. Proudfoot  
Karalee Hargrove Board Member email Mrs. Hargrove


Ron Palmer Board Member email Mr. Palmer
L. Hilary Slotta Board Member email Mrs. Slotta 760-365-9490


  Click here to see the Board's Governance Handbook

Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at MUSD, where students always come first, is to ensure that all students have a rigorous, high-quality education which empowers them with twenty-first century skills, enabling them to be successful in college, career, and society.


Our Vision

Every student graduates prepared for college/career empowered to become a productive citizen in society.

Board Goals

1) Focus on Student Achievement

  • Standards/Curriculum: We will adopt standards/curriculum that clearly define what all students are expected to know and be able to do at designated grade levels.
  • Assessment: We will adopt multiple methods of assessment, including specific achievement targets, which will measure student achievement of the adopted standards/curriculum.
  • Accountability: We will report regularly to parents and the public about how our schools are progressing toward improving educational quality and student achievement. Those schools that are making progress will be rewarded. Those schools that are not progressing will be placed on an improvement plan. 

2) Build a Framework of Support for the Instructional Program

  • Quality Staff: We will strive to maintain a system that will allow us to hire and maintain good teachers and support personnel.
  • Staff Development: We will support the education and training of school staff members so that they will be able to increase student achievement of the grade level standards/curriculum and be held accountable for student performance.
  • Instructional Materials and Supplies: We will provide sufficient textbooks for all students and we will allocate funds to school sites for other materials and supplies.
  • Technological Capacity: We will support expanded use of technology as a tool for improving student achievement.
  • Financial Support: We will seek sufficient funding for school programs and provide funding to sites on an equitable basis.
  • District Support Services: We will provide district support needed to improve student achievement, including support of the instructional programs, the instructional facilities, and other needs of personnel.
  • Partnerships: We will identify and strengthen networks, partnerships, and other support structures within the K-12 system, between the K-12 system and postsecondary systems, between public education and other human service systems, and between education and the business community.   

3) Encourage Community Involvement

  • School-Based Management: We will encourage schools to utilize the school-based management approach to governance, involving the public in setting school goals and methods to improve student achievement.
  • Publicity: We will provide support to publicize information about school programs, student successes, and personnel involvement. 
  • Parent Involvement: We will encourage schools to provide opportunities for parent involvement in the education of their children, including parent education opportunities.
  • Community Support: We will encourage school and community partnerships in all areas that will improve student achievement.

Chris Proudfoot, Board President

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Karalee Hargrove, Board Member

Karalee Hargrove.JPG

Ron Palmer, Board Member

Ron Palmer.jpg

L. Hilary Slotta, Board Member

L Hilary Slotta.JPG