Information Technology Department

Mission Statement

Through the appropriate and ethical use of technology, we assist in creating a positive learning environment for all students, staff and administrators that encourages the use of technology to increase productivity, reinforce learning, encourage creativity and enhance curriculum.

As a part of the Business Services Team, the Information Systems Department is charged with providing and maintaining computerized management information systems for the Morongo Unified School District. These systems include the Aeries Student Database system, several interdistrict applications, the District's web site, the District and sites infrastructure management, SIS data management, storage management,  and email systems.

We monitor all internet and email access from district computers. The Morongo Unified School District is fully compliant with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

We are responsible for reporting, maintaining and obtaining the student identifiers through the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data Systems (CALPADS).

We also maintain support for all desktop computer users that are accessing the District's network and the mainframe resources. This support covers all hardware, software, maintenance and upgrades.

The department connects all schools and classrooms through its high-capacity wide area network using state of the art networking equipment.

To effectively use the available resources to assist students in obtaining a high-quality education is our overall goal.

The Information Systems Department consists of a full-time Director, an Information Systems Specialist, a District Testing and Assessment Specialist, an Administrative Assistant, and two I.T. Support Specialists.

If you have any question about I.T. here at MUSD, please email us and we will try to get you an answer.

Contact us

Morongo Unified School District
Information Technology
P.O. Box 1209
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277
Phone: (760) 367-9191
Fax: (760) 361-7897

Troy Slayden
Director of Information Technology
(760) 367-9191 Ext. 4339

Glenn R. Williams
Information System Specialist
(760) 367-9191 Ext 4398

Erin Hilliard
District Testing and Assessment Specialist
(760) 367-9191 Ext. 4289

Sandie House
Administrative Assistant
(760) 367-9191 Ext. 4339

Raymond Asejo
I.T. Support Specialist

Shaun Lowe
I.T. Support Specialist
(760) 367-9191 Ext. 4399



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