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Child Welfare and Attendance

Housed at the District Office in Twentynine Palms, the office of Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) is concerned for the well-being and attendance of the students who live within the Morongo Unified School District. Regular school attendance is necessary to learning and future success. If a student demonstrates poor or irregular attendance, that student becomes a concern of this department. Our department can assist families in connecting with school and community resources to address issues which may be affecting their students' attendance.

For parents who seek alternative educational settings, CWA can provide information and guidance to assure the alternative you've chosen is in the best interest of your student. No Child Left Behind, curriculum frameworks, content standards, high school exit exams, and school accreditation are issues parents are advised to take into consideration when exploring educational options for their children.

California Education Code requires a parent or guardian to compel the attendance of children between the ages of six and 18 at school. If a student is not enrolled in public school they may be exempt from compulsory attendance if they are attending a private school or receiving the services of a home tutor. Although the Morongo Unified School District is not a regulatory agency, Education Code directs us to make an investigation of compliance should we receive a complaint by any person of charges against any parent, guardian, or person having control of a child for violation of compulsory education laws.

The MUSD School Attendance Review Board (SARB) is a function of our department. Established by statute, the Legislature intended SARB to develop new ways of coordinating school, community, and home efforts to deal with student attendance and behavior problems. After schools have exhausted all efforts at improving student attendance, they may refer a student and his/her parents to SARB for intervention. Our focus is to address the issues affecting attendance and seek solutions. Regular school attendance is a vital component to the future success of all students.

Child Welfare and Attendance is also responsible for conducting expulsion hearings for all schools in the District. Unfortunately, there are situations in which a student's behavior repeatedly disrupts the learning environment or a student commits a violation for which other means of correction are not feasible and/or put the pupil and others at danger. When a student is recommended for expulsion, Child Welfare and Attendance makes certain that all due process rights and time lines are followed. We also ensure that the expelled student continues his/her educational program in an alternative placement. In compliance with Educational Code, a rehabilitative plan is devised to address the behaviors which led to the student being expelled from school.

Primary services:

  • Ensures compliance of state and local mandated rules and regulations related to student attendance
  • Facilitate awareness of rules, regulations, process and procedures related to Child Welfare and Attendance
  • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies, probation department personnel and local child assistance programs to enhance or modify programs and processes
  • Provide information on alternative educational programs
  • Assists schools in the area of pupil records confidentiality
  • Inputs and distributes "TAD Release of Information" forms to the appropriate schools

Child Welfare and Attendance
P.O. Box 1209
Twentynine Palms, CA

Telephone: (760) 367-9191/365-3394 ext 3460/4361
Fax: (760) 361-7897


Contact Us


 (760)367-9191 or (760) 365-3394

Lisa Rigdon email  ext. 4360


Administrative Assistant  

Susan Gillingham


ext. 4361

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