Academic Acronyms List

Academic Acronyms List

Dictionary of Educational Acronyms

504Students who have significant medical and/or health reasons that make success at school difficult may have a 504 to address their individual needs, modifications, etc.  Please contact Mrs. Brandt, our 504 Counselor for more information.

AMAO - Annual Measurable Objective  Each year the school is required to chart the progress of our English Learners by measuring their improvement in English Language Arts

AP - Advanced Placement  Students in HIGH SCHOOL can take AP classes.  These are rigorous courses of study.  Contact TPHS for more information.

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination AVID is an elective program that begins in junior high and can continue through high school.  AVID's focus is to prepare students for the option of a four year university.  AVID students take Cornell Notes, maintain a notebook, reflect on their learning, visit colleges/universities, challenge themselves in their classes, and learn to become leaders in the classroom.  AVID students must apply and interview before being selected.  Please contact Mrs. Wood, our AVID counselor, if you would like more information on this program.

CCT - Cooridnated Care Team At TPJHS we use CCTs to help struggling students. When a student is failing several classes, is referred by a classroom teacher, or when a parent requests it, the school holds a series of CCT meetings. In these meetings, student achievement data is reviewed, teachers provide insight, parents share their observations and concerns, and the student is encouraged to reflect on what works and doesn't work for that particular student. The SST also covers areas of strength. The first step to arranging for a SST is to contact our RTI teacher Mrs. Jen Smith or the Principal, Mrs. Stacy Smalling.  

CELDT - California English Language Development Test  Each year by mid-October (or shortly after enrollment) all English Learners are required to have the CEDLT administered to determine their level of proficiency.

NJSF - California Junior Scholastic Federation  Students who earn a 3.5 GPA or higher are eligible for CJSF.  To maintain membership, students need to attend periodic meetings and complete several requirements.  For more information on CJSF, please contact Dr. Clemente, our CJSF advisor.

CLAD - Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development Teachers in California must be "CLAD" certified to teach English Learners.  The stratgegies from this certification can be used to help all students.  Most of the teachers in the MUSD have their certification.  At TPJHS, both administrators and one of the counselors are also certified.

CMC - Copper Mountain College   CMC is a local community college.  Students attending MUSD schools can also take courses at CMC provided they meat eligibility requirements.  CMC also offers students enrichment opportunities and supports our AVID program.

DELAC -  District English Learner Advisory Council  MUSD is required to have a DELAC organization to address the needs and compliance issues surrounding our English Learners.  For more information on this program, please contact Instructional Services at (760) 367-9191.

ED - Emotionally Disturbed  MUSD services all students with special needs.  Students in the ED program are non-voilent students who are unable to succeed academically when in traditional classrooms.  For information about this program and other Special Education programs, please contact one of our counselors or the district office.

ELA - English Language Arts   English classes can also be referred to as ELA.  Our ELA classrooms include our reading intervention program, LANGUAGE!, support classes, grade level classes, and advanced classes.  For information about the ELA program, please contact your child's English teacher or the department chairperson, Donette Swain.

ELAC - English Learner Advisory Council    When a school site has over 20 English Learners, the school is required to form an ELAC.  At this time, TPJHS has not needed to have this council.

ELD - English Language Development   This is the level of language fluency most often used when discussing reading acquisition.

ELL - English Language Learners    These are students who are in the process of learning English.  Students can range from non speakers to those that are scoring proficient on California State Tests (CSTs).

FLEX - This is the English Language Arts adopted reading intervention program.  Several sections of reading are offered at TPJHS.  If you have questions about this curriculum, please contact Mrs. Jen Smith or Mrs. Betsy Sellers for more information.  

GAC - GATE Advisory Committee    The GAC is a district committee that addresses the needs and concerns of gifted and talented students.  At TPJHS, Cindy Ross is the GATE Coordinator.

GATE - Gifted and Talented Education   Students are evaluated annually for GATE designation.  If your child is scoring advanced on state achievement tests or if he/she has a talent that is exceptional, please contact your child's counselor or Mrs. Ross, the GATE Coordinator at TPJHS.

HA - High Achieving   Students may be considered high achieving even if they do not qualify as GATE.

HQT - Highly Qualified Teacher  All teachers at TPJHS are considered highly qualified in their subject areas.  This designation is part of the No Child Left Behind mandates.

IA - Instructional Aid  When people refer to IA's, they are referring to instructional assistants that are hired by MUSD to provide instructional support.  IA's can be found in all classrooms; they are assigned to areas of the most need.  If you are interested in becoming an IA for MUSD, please contact Human Resources at the district office.

IMEC - Instructional Materials Evaluation Committee At the district level, instructional materials are reviewed prior to adoptions.  The IMEC is called upon to evaluate instructional materials.  Anyone interested in serving on this committee or who needs more information should contact Instructional Services at the district office.

IEP - Individual Educational Plan  All special education students have an IEP that incorporates individual goals, support, and interventions.  IEP's are developed by a team that consists of the student, parent(s)/guardian(s), school psychologist, special education teacher(s), school counselor(s), administrator, and general education teacher(s).  If you believe you child may have a learning disability, please contact your child's counselor so that we can begin gathering information.

NJHS - National Junior Honor Society is a National program for our students to participate in who qualify.  For more information on NJHS please contact Doug Walters, our NJHS advisor.

OCI:  At TPJHS we use the OCI room for our inhouse suspension. This is an option we can use to discipline a student without having to do a formal suspension. Students receive OCI for non-violent or dangerous behavior.  Students are also sent to OCI  as an intervention means.  
Professional Learning Communities  PLC's are organized groups that come together to identify the areas that students are having trouble mastering, create formative assessments, and to make data driven decisions to better meet the needs of the students.  TPJHS will begin the PLC process in 2009-2010 by offering focused tutoring during homerooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning the fourth week of school. 

PSAT - Statewide, the PSAT is administered in October.  However, we don't administer this test every year.  If we do the PSAT test, it will be administered through the AVID program.  The test measures student achievement and is a precusor to the SAT that high school students often take in the college admission process.  If you would like more information on the PSAT, please contact Mrs. Cindy Ross, our AVID Cooridinator.  

RSP - Resource Special Education Student   RSP students are Special Education students who have an area of discrepancy.  For example, the student may be grade level or better in ELA, but has a specific learning disability in Math.  So, this student would need support, through the IEP process, in the area of Math, but not English.  This is an over simplification of the process, but RSP students are generally enrolled in general education classes for the entire day and receive support as needed.

RTI - Response to Intervention   RTI is the name of the process that all schools use to provide students with addtional support and services.  The idea is to provide an intervention, determine through data if it has worked, and then to determine if additional intervention steps are needed.  Many students require very little intervention to be successful.

SDC - Special Day Class   Special Day Class students are those students who do better with less transitions and more support than the regular day offers.  Much of their day is with one or two Special Education teachers.  However, SDC students also attend PE and electives (based on success model).  SDC is one of many Special Education designations that assign a certain level of support. 

SSC - School Site Council  The School Site Council is the governing body at TPJHS that oversees the spending of state and federal categorial funds, writes and revises the Single Plan for Student Achievement, and makes recommendations for improvement.


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