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Welcome back, Trojans!
Act with integrity. Be respectful. Be responsible. Be productive. Trojans, we have set the bar high for future generations. The successes we have enjoyed in recent years have been grounded firmly in these basic principles. Simply enough, life as a student can be managed fairly easily by following these ideals. In fact, these practices transfer to just about any facet of life and will serve you well. All Trojans are expected to live and breathe by these guidelines. It isn’t something we just talk about, it is who we are. Life has a funny way of getting complicated all by itself. It certainly doesn’t need our help to complicate matters.

Act with integrity! Sometimes it is hard to  know what the right thing is to do, but once you know what it is, it is almost impossible not to do it. It’s about effort. Doing what is right because it's right sends a message to the world that we are committed to excellence. Nothing can be taken away from you when you know the difference between right and wrong, and you choose to do what is right. 

Be respectful! This means so many different things, but let’s see if we can clarify things a bit. Being resepctful can mean many things to many people. There are two components to respectfulness. To be respectful means understanding where someone else may be coming from and being willing to consent to the possibility that their perspective may be right. 

Be responsible! Being responsbile takes on many faces. Whether you are helping a fellow student or a teacher in need, holding the door open for another, offering a kind or uplifting word to someone who is having a bad day or even picking up after yourself during lunch, being polite changes people’s attitudes. Making this school a better place starts with you being responsible. 

Be productive! Time well spent is highly dependent your willingness to use it wisely. Time is something we can never get back. It is probably our most cherished commodity. Make good use of your time. Listen, practice and learn. Invest, communicate and develop relationships. What we do here is important. We need to make the most of everyday. 

To be a great school means we have great students who come from great homes and families in great neighborhoods. The only way each of those parts of our community can be great is if you rise to the challenge and achieve your own greatness.

Remember, act with integrity. Be respectful. Be responsible. Be productive. Let’s have a great year Trojans! 


Thank You, 

Mr. Monical

Let's End Bullying

Tired of being bullied!?!?

If you see something, say something. We are here to help! Bullies exhibit unwanted, aggressive, and repeated behavior that is intended to harm.

We know coming to the office to make a report is sometimes scary because others may see you. We can help. Simply email one of you site administrators with the details of the incident or click the link below to make a report.


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Justin Monical
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