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Welcome Back From Our PTO

The Yucca Mesa PTO would like to welcome back our families!
 As we all prepare for the beginning of the school year the one thing we can be certain of is we all have a lot of questions. One in particular that many have been wondering is how to prepare for the start of something new to us all. So here are a few tips we hope will help you in our final days before the start of the 2020 school year!
1)     Set realistic expectations. Do not worry about trying to act as your child’s teacher, YMES has that part covered. Just be the best parent you can be. You are their support. They count on your strength when they are scared or uncertain. Stay positive. Our children react to how we react. By keeping positive and excited about the start of the school year our children will be excited and positive too.
2)     Plan ahead. Set up an area where they can “Go to school”. The kitchen, the living room, an extra bedroom. Make sure there are no distractions such as phones or TVs. Make sure it is comfortable. Keep some snacks and drinks handy so they can keep their focus. If your child is doing independent study, try to plan a schedule that includes breaks for recess and lunch at the same time every day. Make a schedule that works best for your family.
3)     If your work schedule is a concern, talk to other parents, and arrange a time-sharing plan. Maybe your child has a friend whose parent would like to join up with you. The students can work together and support each other. The parents can share the days or offer help in subjects that are their strong points.
4) YMES has resources in place to help parents and children get ready for school. All families that have Wifi and need a technology device will have one checked out to them through the school. 
5) Be flexible and have patience. It something is not working do not be afraid to try something different, ask your children what they think would work best for them, or ask for help. Our teachers have gone through many changes trying to start the school year in a way that they have never done before.  We are all learning new systems, technology, and how to cope in our ever-changing environment. Let’s work together and support each other.
Reward yourself and your students for their accomplishments, no matter how small. They got dressed and made it to the living room on time on the first day of school, right on! Be sure to tell them how proud you are of them. They got 100% on the spelling test, fantastic! Let’s go get milkshakes! You made it through the first week without threatening to run away to grandma’s house, awesome, get takeout from your favorite restaurant. Your kids made it through the first week without threatening to run to grandmas, Whoo hoo! Rent a movie on Amazon. While the beginning of this school year may seem scary to some of us, we have to remember that it is an opportunity. Our children will remember this for the rest of their lives. They will tell their grandchildren about the year when mom, dad, their lame older brother, or their cool aunt acted as their at-home teacher. 

Let’s take this opportunity and make some great memories, be hero’s to our children, and the rest will work itself out!
Jody Hillard - PTO
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