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Vision Statement

Preparing our Students to Embrace the Future

Mission Statement

Through continuous assessment, ongoing interventions and support, and a rigorous curriculum balanced with engagement in a comprehensive co-curricular and extra-curricular program, YVHS produces graduates who are prepared contributors, respectful citizens, independent learners, determined achievers, and effective communicators.

School-Wide Learner Outcomes (SWLOs)

Yucca Valley High School Learners exhibit P.R.I.D.E. in their learning

Prepared Contributors (College and Career Readiness Indicator)
  • Increase the number of Advanced Placement Passing Scores
  • Increase completion of College Credit Courses
  • Increase the number of State Seal of Biliteracy recipients
  • Increase the A-G Completion Rate
  • Increase the number of CTE Pathway Completers 


         Respectful Citizens (Suspension Rate Indicator)

  • Decrease the number of In-school/Out of School Suspensions
  • Increase the number of students reporting school connectedness, meaningful participation, and perception of safety on campus through reporting on the California Health Kids Survey.
  • Increase the number of AB3 Ticket Recipients.
  • Increase Involvement in Co-/Extra-curricular Programs


         Independent Learners (Graduation Rate Indicator)

  • Increase the number of Four-year Cohort Graduates
  • Increase the Grade Level Progress toward Graduation
  • Increase the Schoolwide Passage Rate for Semester Courses


         Determined Achievers (Standardized Test Performance Indicator)

  • Increase the percentage of Standard Met Scores on CAASPP (ELA/Math)
  • Increase the percentage of Standard Met and Nearly Met Scores on CAASPP (ELA/Math)


         Effective Communicators (English Learner Progress Indicator)

  • Increase the number of English learners who have Increased 1 ELPI Level on the ELPAC
  • Increase the number of English learners who have Maintained ELPI Level 4 on the ELPAC
  • Improve CAASPP Scores for Reading, Speaking and Listening for English Learners

Directions to YVHS

Quick Facts

Office Hours: 6:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Main Office Phone: (760) 365-3391
First Day of School: August 23, 2021
Last Day of School: June 8, 2022
Principal: Justin Monical -- x3001
Principal's Administrative Assistant: Tracey Hunter -- x3002
Assistant Principal (A-M): Kenneth Cohen -- x3108
Assistant Principal (N-Z): Deanna Skinta -- x3208 
Assistant Principals' Administrative Assistant: Lani Emer -- x3004
Athletic Director: Adam Wright -- x3016
Activities Director: Ariana Rodriguez & Nicole Parks
Athletics & Activities Clerk: Rhiannon Weiss -- x3020
Counselor (9th Grade): Lynn Warden
Counselor (10th Grade): Julie Karchuc 
Counselor (11th Grade): Haleigh Southern 
Counselor (12th Grade): Suzanna Macias
Counseling Secretary: Happy Kanuch -- x3012
Registrar: Gerri Washington -- x3013
Linda Atkinson -- x 3007
Melinda Taylor -- x3006 
Other Contacts
Cafeteria: -- x3168
Library: Lisa Cowlin -- x3018
Nurse -- x3017
Psychologist: Randy Berry -- x3170
Campus Safety Coordinator: Destiny Sevigny -- x5005
Transition: Catherine Davidson -- x3178
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