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Attendance Policies

Clear an Absence Online
Please use this online form to clear your student's absence. Please include the class periods absent in addition to the date. The email may be followed up by a phone call from the Attendance Clerk.

Student Name (Last, First Middle)
Date of Absence (MM/DD/YYYY)
Please check all class periods absent.

Reason for Absence (please be specific)
Your name and your relationship to the student (must be parent or guardian)
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Attendance Policies

Contact information:

If you have any questions on attendance please stop by or call at 367-9591 ext. 2224 between the hours of 6:30am and 3:00pm on any school day.

Clearing absences:

Remember to clear all day absences within two weeks of the absence. Any absences not cleared within two weeks are marked unexcused. Parents/guardians can only excuse period absences (less than all day) if the student is signed out properly in the student check out log, the student came in late with the parent/guardian or with a note from the parent/guardian, or the parent guardian called and excused the student the same day of the partial day absence.

Blanket Excuses:

Blanket excuses for students: e.g. “Any days my student is/was out are all because of illness.” will not be accepted.

Clearing absences longer than 3 consecutive days:

Parents can only excuse up to three consecutive school days for illness. Any thing more than that, a Doctors note is required to excuse the prolonged absence. For example, a student can’t be out five days and the doctors note states that the student was seen on day five and can return on the next day. Day four would be considered unexcused. Unless the Doctor included the fourth day in his note stating the student needed to be out that day.

Three ways to excuse the absence:

First, Call TPHS Attendance at 367-9591 ext 2224. She is there from 6:30am until 3:00pm every school day. The front office is open until 3:30pm.

Second, send a note with the student. These need to have the specific date(s) along with the students first and last name. Attendance receives many notes during the day. TPHS has several students with the same first name. Attendance can’t always remember which note goes with which students.

Third, drop by the school during the work day 6:30am to 3:00pm.

Notes and phone calls are verified by calling the parent at work or home; this is to make sure the note and/or call is from the parent/guardian.

Leaving Campus during school day:

Any student leaving the campus during the day for any reason that is not a school approved activity must be signed out by the parent/guardian or someone approved on the blue family record cards. Positive picture I.D. is required to pick up students. Changes to blue cards must be done in person by the parent or guardian.

Non-School related activities:

Students involved in outside activities, not part of the school, must have permission slips approved by the principal prior to the day of the event and classes/periods missed. Only the principal can approve these absences. This would include the Fire Explorers, Scouts, Religious retreats, etc.

Late arrival:

Students arriving late or returning to campus must check in at the attendance office. They should be accompanied by their parent/guardian, or have a note from the parent/guardian or Doctor/Dentist office. Or the parent needs to call and excuse the absence. If none of these are done the student is marked unexcused for the classes he/she missed, or unexcused tardy for the late arrival.

Signing out:

When signing out your student, please make sure you put the reason he/she is leaving campus. Just putting the words appointment or personal is not excused by the state of California or the Morongo Unified School District. Putting “family emergency” is not an excused absence.
If you don’t want to list the reason the student is leaving campus, come talk to me and I can put the appropriate entry into the student’s file, and initial the check out log.

Valid and Non-Valid reasons for absence:

Due to California Education Code, not all parent/guardian approved excuses are considered excused.

California Ed Code excuses the following:
Student illness.
Student at medical/dental appt. for him/her.
Student in quarantine.
Student at funeral for immediate family, mother, father, sister, brother, grand parents.

Unexcused examples would be:
Taking care of sick parent or siblings.
Baby sitting.
On family vacation.
Going out of town for Marine Corps Ball, wedding, sibling graduation.


Please make doctor/dental appointments early in the day or later in the day so your student can benefit from some education.

At one time, schools received their state monies for students if the reason the student was absent was excused. Not anymore. If your student is not in school at all for the day, regardless of the reason, the school/district receives no monies from the state for that day for your student. A student being here for even one teacher to count them as present in his/her attendance will earn the district the money for that student for that particular day.

Law related absences are excused if you provide documentation from the court showing that the student had to be there on that specific day and time. Juvenile Court cases in Joshua Tree are over early enough so the student can make it to at least his/her 5th period class. In most cases, they can be here for 4th period as well.

Excessive absences from parents/guardians will result in having to show proof from a doctor the student has a health problem and should be out or late to school so frequently.

When at all possible we take the parent/guardians word for the student’s absence. When absences are to frequent and they interfere with the education of the student, then documentation will be required for further absences. Such as, notes from Doctors, Dentist, Courts, showing the student in question had to be there, and out for the day(s) missed.

Exceptions are made on occasion, but these need to be brought to the attention of the principal. The principal and not the attendance clerk has the authority to make exceptions.

Contact information:

If you have any questions on attendance please stop by or call at 367-9591 ext. 2224 between the hours of 6:30am and 3:00pm on any school day.

Ms. Nance
TPHS Attendance
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