Board of Education

Adjustment of Trustee Areas

In 2018, the Board of Education transitioned to election by Trustee Areas. 

An interactive map of the trustee areas can be found HERE

As a result of the 2020 Census, some trustee areas may change. There will be a public hearing at the regular meeting on January 25, 2022, to receive public input on trustee areas. 

Please use the link above to review census data and potential trustee areas.

Our Vision and Mission
Our Mission
Our mission at MUSD is to ensure that all students have a rigorous, high-quality education which empowers them with twenty-first century skills, enabling them to be successful in college, career, and society.

Our Vision
Every student graduates prepared for college/career empowered to become a productive citizen in society.
Board of Education Guiding Documents 

 Board's Governance Handbook
Strategic Plan 

Cathy Nelson, Board President

Current Term: 2020-2024

Robert Hamilton, Board Clerk

 Current term: 2020-2024

L. Hilary Slotta, Board Member

Board President L. Hilary Slotta
 Current term: 2018-2022 

Kerri Condley, Board Member

Current term: 2020-2024

Roberta Meyers, Board Member

Current term: 2021-2022

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