Bobcat Store

Bobcat Store

School Toy Shop

The Bobcat Store is a place where students in grades 1st -- 3rd can go and purchase items with the Bobcat Bucks that they earn.  The Bobcat Store is located in room 13B.

Every week, students can earn One Bobcat Buck for:

*Perfect Attendance
*Completing all classwork and homework
*Good behavior on campus

They also receive One Bobcat Buck for:

*Receiving a score of 80% or higher on an Accelerated Reader book quiz

Classes are scheduled to go to the Bobcat Store once a month.  Students can buy items at that time or save up to buy bigger items.  Some of the items for sale in the store are:  toys, games, books, notepads, legos, and pencils.  Items start at 10 Bobcat Bucks and go up to 80 Bobcat Bucks.  

Mrs. Clinkscales has been doing the Bobcat Store for 3 years. 

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