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Bus Information

Bus Information

Bus Rules and Discipline

Students will follow all school rules on the bus.
Students will follow the bus driver’s directions.
Students will sit properly, face forward.
Students will keep aisles clear and clean.
Students will talk quietly at all times.
Students will stay seated until dismissed.
Students will exit at the appropriate stop.

Bus Referral Matrix

The following matrix will be used as a guide for bus referrals.  Depending on the severity of the infraction, any referral could mean a bus suspension (even for the rest of the year)!

Bus Referral #1                       Pupil conference, letter home w/matrix and bus rules

Bus Referral #2                       School consequences and Parent conference (Phone)

Bus Referral #3                       Suspended from riding bus for 1 day

Bus Referral #4                       Suspended from riding bus for 5 days

Bus Referral #5                       Suspended from riding bus for 10 days

Bus Referral #6                       Suspended from riding bus for 30 days

Bus Referral #7                       Suspended from riding bus for remainder of the semester

Bus Referral #8                       Suspended from riding bus for the year.

Balloons and/or flowers are not permitted on the bus.

This matrix is intended for use as a guide.  It is at the discretion of the administrator to assign consequences for student bus referrals.

First Student Bus

From the Morongo Unified School District Transportation Webpage:

Morongo Unified School District provides limited transportation privileges for pupils; parents or guardians are not allowed to ride the bus without special permission from the school Principal, and only in limited special circumstances. Bus stops are spaced throughout the district between 3 and 5 miles in most cases. Please review safe walking guidelines with your student. Wearing hoodies or headwear which blocks peripheral vision or ear buds which block hearing may put children in danger while walking. Riding the school bus is a privilege and can be revoked for failure to follow the bus rules as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook. 

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