Bus Rules and Referrals

Bus Rules

1.  Be respectful and courteous to the bus driver in conduct and language.
2.  Remain seated with seatbelt fastened at all times.
3.  Sit only in regular seats and keep hands and arms inside the bus at all times.
4.  Do not make, or cause to be made, unnecessary noise such as loud talking, screaming,          
     stomping of feet, loud signing, or any other noise which would distract the driver. 
5.  No fighting, bullying, or scuffling while on the bus.
6.  Do not throw any articles in or out of the bus.
7.  No eating, drinking, or smoking on the bus
8.  No littering on the bus
9.  No animals or reptiles on the bus (seeing eye dogs are allowed).
10. Students will not be permitted to bring such items as skateboards, radios, jam boxes,    
      balloons, or glass objects onto the bus.  Any other objects deemed to be unsafe cargo will be
      denied.  The driver will have the authority to deny transportation to a student with such
      articles in their possesion.  The driver and/or school district bears no responsibility for lost,
      stolen, or damaged items brought on the bus.
 Transportation is a privilege which can be revoked for violations of the bus rules.


Video Cameras

To promote a safe environment on the buses for all students, we will be using video cameras on all buses every day.  There is a possibility that your student may be filmed while being transported.  Video media will be use solely by MUSD and bus contractor personnel to maintain appropriate discipline and a safe environment on all MUSD buses.

Bus Referrals

Notice of Unsatisfactory Conduct
When an infraction occurs, the school bus driver or monitor will submit a school
bus referral to the school Principal, and the transportation department.  A copy of
the school bus referral will also be sent home with the student or mailed at the
Principals discretion.  
The school bus referral shall include:
School bus referrals may result in loss of school bus riding privileges from 1 day
up to the balance of the school year for serious infractions.  Please talk with your
children about riding the bus appropriately and to follow all the bus rules and
drivers' instructions.
 Please help us STOP unsafe student behavior on all
Morongo Unified School Buses!
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