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Counseling Department

New Counseling Website

NEW Counseling Website to Google Sites

Click this link to be taken to the new counseling website.  We are trying to provide a user friendly page with updated information.  If you have questions which aren't answered...don't hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for your patience as we make this transition.

Counseling Department



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Students are assigned to counselors by alphabet according to students’ last names. In most cases, counselors will work with the same group of students throughout their four years of high school. 

Students whose last name begins with the letter A-K will be assigned to Ms. Hilliard ([email protected]

Students whose last name begins with the letter L-Z will be assigned to Mrs. Wood ([email protected]


*Students should come to the Counseling Office to sign up to see their counselor.

*Counseling will send for students on the day of the appointment or as soon as possible. 


TPHS is changing the way we handle transcript requests.

We are pleased to announce the implementation of a new secure online transcript request system called Parchment.

Parchment offers secure 24/7 global access, order transcripts in the comfort of your own home anywhere around the world as long as you have internet access by going to www.parchment.com.

With Parchment you will be able to securely order your transcript, track your request and receive email confirmation every step of the way. Cut down on the process time, the chance of it getting lost in the mail or on a desk full of other paper transcripts. No more wondering, “Was my transcript mailed? Has the college received it? What?? You have no record of it!!!” Peace of mind is priceless!

Send your transcript electronically to up to 1695 electronic college/university destinations, employers, NCAA, Scholarships and even to yourself for a small fee.

(If you request a paper transcript, Parchment will add an additional $2.oo charge for paper, postage and handling)

 Go online to https://www.parchment.com/create-account/ today and create your account.

Here is a helpful Student Handout that explains Parchment and your transcripts.

What is Parchment? 

** If you attended the adult education program at the local community college or on the Marine Corps base and received a Twentynine Palms High School diploma you must call Copper Mountain College for your transcript -  760-366-3791 ext 4246. 

**If you attended a MUSD continuation school such as Monument or Sky High School, please call Black Rock High School at 760-369-6310. 


Progress reports are issued at the 4.5 weeks, 9 weeks, and 13.5 weeks. These grades do not remain on a student’s permanent record. The final grade for each semester, January and June, will remain on a student’s permanent record.


Schedules should be set by the beginning of the school year. In August, registration days are held for students to make corrections to their schedules, pay fees, get I.D.’s, etc. It is important for students to attend their assigned Registration Day. Once school begins, schedule changes are very limited and in most cases cannot be done. Changes for second semester may be requested beginning mid-December.


Counselors have an opportunity to speak during the grade level assemblies which occur during the third week of school.  They present pertinent information as it relates to acclimation to high school, activities, scholarship information, financial aid information, career planning, testing, and preparing for post high school plans. Students are given resources related to what they should be doing in the current year to prepare for their plans and goals after high school. Students are given a list of current clubs/activities found on campus.  Counselors also meet with students during registration to assist them in class selection.


Twentynine Palms High School provides a variety of clubs and activities in which students can participate. All students are encouraged to get involved starting their freshman year. Involvement can help students enrich academic experiences, explore interests, develop leadership skills, contribute to the community, and make new friends. Most clubs can b e joined anytime throughout the year; other activities will have specific deadlines. Freshman will receive a list of the clubs/activities offered at TPHS in the fall. Students should listen to announcements at the beginning of the year for dates/times of meetings.


Summer school information and applications are available to students during second semester. Information is provided regarding classes, location, and dates. Applications can be obtained in the Counseling Office or online. Registration forms should be turned in to the Counseling Office. There is no cost for attending summer school.

Sexual Health Education

California state law (Education Code 51933) requires certain, very specific, criteria are met when instructing students in sexual health education.

Please click here for legal references required of each school with regards to this instruction.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum, or opting out of this instruction for your student, please contact the site administration at (760) 367-9591 ext. 2222 or email the principal.


Courses Available for Dual Enrollment:

College Composition

Composition and Literature
College Personal Success
Intro to Criminology
Criminal Law 

Contact our counseling department for details.

Partnerships with Copper Mountain College:
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