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Counseling News

Counseling News

Registration for 2020-2021

Students who are new to Morongo Unified School District or returning to MUSD from another district may be pre-registered on line at Online registration is preferred, however, registration packets will be available in the front office during summer break. 

Students are always welcome to stop by the counseling office during lunch to visit with their counselor. Students may request a private appointment with their counselor by filling out a brief  "Student Counseling Office Request"  form, available in the counseling office. 

Counseling Office Contact Information: 

Phone: 760-288-1802 x 2580
Fax:  760-369-6327

Current Registration at LCMS

Enrollment to LCMS

Students who are enrolling during the last quarter of the school year or before the beginning of the new school year must provide a transcript from their previous school of attendance prior to their first day of school. This is due to the fact that our school retains in both the 7th and 8th grade.
Our counselors will review the transcript and let you know if your child is lacking any credits. If you are unable to provide this transcript, we will fax a request to the previous school. Please understand that this might delay your child’s first day of school by a few days. We will do everything we can to speed the process along.  Any student entering 7th grade with more than two failed academic classes will be seriously considered for retention.  Any student who has failed more that one academic class will need to be placed in 8th or retained in 7th based on a review of the transcript.
Requirements for completion of the junior high/middle school program and promotion to ninth grade:
Students must pass all core subjects (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) while achieving 110 of 120 semester credits based on the six-period day. Students may not fail more than one semester of Physical Education or one semester of an Elective (five credits = one semester of an assigned class).

We wish to welcome you here to LCMS
LCMS Counseling

Parent Information Resource

Please checkout this great site, for advice on helping you child through their educational choices.

 It is never too early to think about college!!!

Counseling Office Contact Information:

Mrs. Michelle MacLean
8th Grade Counselor
Mr. Michael Goddard
7th Grade Counselor
Victoria Rodriguez
Counseling Secretary
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