Doug Walters

Classes that I facilitate

My name is Mr. Walters and I have had the pleasure of working with the Morongo Unified School District since 2007 as a teacher.

I grew up in 29 Palms for the majority of my life and I am a product of the Morongo Unified School District.  I graduated from Twentynine Palms High School a few decades ago.

I am amazed by the bright minds of our students as they problem-solve with ingenuity and imagination.  They are utilizing 21st Century Skills to overcome adversity that has been placed before them.

This year I have the honor of teaching both 8th-grade mathematics during our Distance Learning model. My schedule is:

A Days
B Days
1Math 87:11 - 8:40
7Math 88:44 - 10:13
2Math 88:44 - 10:13
9STEAM10:48 - 12:17
5STEAM12:21 - 1:50
10Int Math12:21 - 1:50

The best way to communicate with me is through Synergy.
My email is [email protected]

Did you know?

I.  Evaluation of Student Performance
Assigning of grades will be done following a weighted framework: 

40% Assessments     30% Assignments   20% Bellwork / Basic Skills 10% Notebook / Planners
II.  Grading Policy

A  90% - 100%             B 80% - 89%   C 70% - 79% D  60% - 69% F 59% and below

“Champions keep playing till they get it right” ~ Billie Jean King (tennis champion) 

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”  ~ Beverly Sills (opera singer)

III.  Required Daily Materials:   

Come to class on time and prepared with the following items:

1. Assignments     2. Composition Notebook     3. Planner 4. Pencils / Pens

IV.  Character 
Classroom Rules
1.Respect your teacher and your classmates.
2.Listen and follow directions.
3.Participate in classroom activities.  
4.Bring materials (composition book, homework, pencils, planner, and a good attitude).

5.Honor classroom procedures such as hand signals, color zones, cue signals.

Student incentives include Character Bell, Acknowledgement Reports, praise, good grades, and positions of responsibility.


  1. Verbal warning and/or private conversation in the hallway
    Minor to a moderate infraction 
        a.Call or email home
        b.Logical consequences as approved by MUSD Discipline Matrix

  2. Behavior Incident Report

  3. Major infraction
    a.Teacher Class Suspension 
    b.Disciplinary Referral

V. Policies 

Daily Assignments
1.Record daily assignments in your planner.
2.Homework is displayed on the desk and stamped if complete with work shown.
3.Homework/Daily Spiral are reviewed after attendance.
4.Common Core State Standards Math lessons will include note-taking and practice.

Make-Up Test / Excused Absences
All tests should be made up within 2 weeks of the original testing date.  Make-up tests will be administered with an appointment during lunch, after school, or during Saturday school.  Any missing tests will receive a zero until they are made up. 

Hard copies of each assignment will be made available for students who do not have internet access.  Completed homework done on time will receive 10 points. Late work will receive a 20% penalty and will not be accepted 2 weeks prior to the end of each quarter.  

Attendance/Being on Time
-  An occasional absence or tardy is normal; however, a habitual inability to show up and/or show up on time creates problems.  Students who do not cultivate the habit of being in school and being on time will struggle to maintain acceptable grades. Attendance and timeliness are important.  
-  If a student must miss class, it is his/her responsibility to check the posted assignments either in the classroom or online.  It is critical that all assignments be completed as one builds on another.

CHECK ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS AND GRADES FREQUENTLY!  If a student is struggling or is in danger of failing, the parent, guardian, or student should make an appointment to meet with me.  Together, we will design an intervention plan. The sooner we get started, the easier it will be for students to meet the standards required to pass this class.  Do not wait until the last few weeks of a quarter.

Parent Visitation
You are welcome ANYTIME!  I encourage you to become familiar with your child’s activities at school.  You will need to make an appointment and check in at the front office for a badge.  If you are unable to visit the school, please check the online grades and the assignment website as frequently as possible. 

No Name Papers
Students often think that I failed to enter their score in the grade book until they discover their missing assignments in the no-name file.  If it is there too long, it will be recycled. 


All backpacks will be stored on an assigned hook on the north wall of the classroom.  This includes electronic devices, food, and drinks (excludes non-flavored water in a sealed container).

Student/Parent/Teacher Communication
Assignments will be posted in the classroom and in Google Classroom at the beginning of every week. 

Doug Walters
STEAM/ Math Teacher
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