Dress Code

Dress Code

Dear Parents:                                                                                                                         

After several meetings of the Dress Code Committee composed of students, parents, teachers and administrators, the Yucca Valley High School Community has determined that all students will be required to conform to the following adopted YVHS Dress Code.

This letter, the student handbook, the daily bulletin, along with radio and press releases will serve as a warning.

Please review the following standards and expectations for the YVHS Dress Code with your student. We value your assistance in keeping your student safe and focused on their academic goals. As stated in the student handbook, “All students shall dress and groom with attention to neatness, cleanliness, decency and safety.” The school considers dress to be inappropriate when:

  • It disrupts or could distract the educational process.
  • It denotes affiliation with gangs that advocate disruptive behavior or illegal activities.
  • It creates a safety hazard for students and staff at school or school activities.



The headwear guidelines shall apply equally to all students.

  • No headwear or sunglasses are to be worn in classrooms; this includes caps/hats that are a part of a uniform for athletic events.
  • The following items are absolutely prohibited on campus: hairnets, do-rags, bandanas, and hair rollers.


  • The waist area of the upper torso must be completely covered.    No see-through clothing may be worn at school.  No undergarments may be showing at any time. No midriff may be exposed.  No excessive cleavage may be exposed.  Boat neck shirts are appropriate for school.  No pajama tops may be worn at school.
  • Spaghetti straps (less than 1” width) tube tops, halter-tops, off the shoulder apparel or any other strapless apparel is not permitted on campus. Wearing a sports bra with a spaghetti strap top does not constitute a 1” strap because you are showing an undergarment (i.e. the sports bra).
  • No muscle shirts (under armors) are to be worn on campus, excluding the use during athletic events and performances.


  • No sagging pants will be permitted (the waistline of the pants is to be located on the hipbone of the student.  Undergarments are not to be revealed above the top of the pants.  The length of the hemmed pants will be no longer than the heel of the shoe.  Nails holding the base of the pant leg to the shoe are not permitted).
  • Lower torso clothing must be in good condition, not torn, tattered, or slit.
  • Skirts and Shorts must be within 4 to 6 inches from the top of the knee and must also be long enough to cover the cheeks of the buttocks and the undergarments while the student is sitting or bending over.
  • No pajama bottoms.


  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Metal reinforced footwear is prohibited.
  • A substantial sole is required and footwear with enclosed toes and heels is highly encouraged.
  • Platform shoes (over 3 inches), slippers and rubber thongs are not permitted.
  • Red or blue shoelaces are not permitted.


  • Wallet chains are not permitted.
  • No spiked or studded jewelry, or belts, are permitted regardless of material.
  • HAZARDOUS/GANG/RACIAL/EXPLICIT ATTIRE- (Prohibited at school or school events).
  • Bib overalls with straps unbuckled.
  • Oversized, sagged or baggy pants.
  • Belt buckles with hate symbols, letters, or numbers.
  • Apparel or possessions (purses, book bags, back packs, wallets) with emblems, printing, etc symbols, logos or inappropriate messages such as references or symbols of racial supremacy (such as swastikas, iron crosses, and Independent logos), references to drugs, tobacco or alcohol, sexually explicit messages or images (such as the Skin female silhouettes), weapons, nudity, gangs, vulgarity, or violence displayed, possessed or created anywhere.
  • Suspenders that are not worn properly on the shoulders.
  • Chokers and safety pins worn on the outside of clothing.
  • Belts that create a safety hazard to the wearer and others.
  • Clothing worn in such a manner that would conceal a weapon, beeper, or contraband that could be carried on the person.
  • Bandanas, hairnets and/or Do-rags.
  • Red or blue shoelaces.

TATTOOS that display violent, suggestive, obscene statements or that promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, racial supremacy or controlled substances must be covered at all times.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY UNIFORMS – Students that are involved in extra curricular activities that require them to wear a uniform for performance purposes will be required to adhere to the dress code during the school day.

Any other attire determined by the administration or staff associated with hate, violence, racism, indecency, or gangs that threatens campus harmony may result in disciplinary action against the student.  The final decision as to whether a student’s dress is in alignment with the spirit and intent of the policy and therefore appropriate for school shall be made by the administration.

Students not in compliance with the YVHS Dress Code will be sent to administrators where the appropriate referral will be processed.

In order to continue to provide a safe educational environment for students and staff, YVHS Dress Code for school and school activities will be enforced using the following consequences:

  • 1st offense = Warning with confiscation and/or change of clothing
  • 2nd & 3rd offense = 1-3 days of in-house suspension from school
  • 4th & 5th offense = 1-5 days at home suspension from school
  • 6th offense = 5 days of suspension and recommendation for expulsion from school

Thank you for your help and cooperation in creating a safe educational environment to prepare your student to pursue their individual talents for a happy and productive adult life.


YVHS Administrative Staff

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