Dress & Grooming

Dress & Grooming

Dress Code

The Board of Education believes that every student has the right to attend a safe and orderly school, free from unwholesome influences. These student dress code guidelines will encourage students to dress appropriately for participation in the educational process.

All students shall dress and groom for school with attention to neatness, cleanliness, decency, safety, and personal and public health.

The Board considers student dress to be inappropriate when:

1. It disrupts or could disrupt the educational process.

2. It denotes affiliation with a gang that advocates disruptive or illegal activities such as the sale and/or use of drugs.

3. It creates a safety hazard for said student or other students at school.

Pay attention to the weather! Your child will learn most if they are comfortable, not too hot or too cold. Have your child wear layers, if needed. Please label all clothing that may be taken off during the school day.

Tennis shoes provide the best traction for running and playing and they protect the feet. Clothing should fit well enough to stay in place and provide appropriate coverage. Check if your child needs a belt.

Lost and Found!!!

Our Lost and Found fills up very quickly with unmarked sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, lunch boxes, and back packs. If your child loses something, check with the office staff, and they will direct you to the Lost and Found. To avoid the hassle, please label your child's belongings.

Safety Hazards

Clothing and other apparel shall be safe for the activity. The following are not permitted: open-toed or open-heeled shoes, dangly earrings, piercings or jewelry that could create a safety hazard, no wide-legged sagging pants, no pajamas or slippers, no wallets with chains, etc.

Make-Up and Hair Coloring

Face make-up and unnatural hair coloring is prohibited, as it may be distracting to the educational process.

Words and Pictures

Clothing may not display profane or obscene language or pictures showing crude or vulgar gestures, nor should there be words printed on the backside of clothing worn below the waist.

Clothing may not express racial, ethnic, or sexist slurs.

Clothing may not advertise or encourage drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.


Clothing must be clean. Younger children will get dirty enough at recess. Older students should be aware of possible bodily odors, wear deoderant, and have fresh clothes daily.


Students may wear sun protective gear (sunglasses and hats), only during recess and P.E.
Hats must be worn with the bill facing forward.


Shirts and blouses must cover the torso adequately. No spaghetti strap tops are permitted. Shoulder straps should be at least 1" (2 fingers) wide. Underclothing must be covered at all times.
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