Emergency Situations

A school bus is actually safer to ride in than a family car, but accidents can still happen. If there is an accident, instruct your child to:
  1. Stop talking.
  2. Stay calm.
  3. Not touch emergency equipment unless told to do so.
  4. Wait for the driver’s instructions. In most cases, your child will be told to stay in his/her seat until help arrives.
Evacuation procedures will be practiced at each school site through the 8th grade once per school year. Evacuation orientation will be given at grade levels 9-12 once per school year.
Evacuation orientation will be given to all passengers prior to departure of every field trip. The driver may tell your child to evacuate if:
  1. There is a fire (or the danger of one).
  2. The bus is in an unsafe position.
If evacuation is ordered, remind your child to:
  1. Avoid crowding the aisles.
  2. Keep moving toward an exit – don’t stop to watch what friends are doing.
  3. Wrap any loose clothing around him so that it won’t get caught on the door hinges or other parts of the bus.
  4. Keep hands free. Leave belongings behind.
  5. Duck head and bend knees if she or he has to jump from the exit.
  6. A few older students could help younger ones get down to the ground; everyone else should move well away from the exit to give them room.
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