Exit Criteria

The English Learner Process

  1. Home Language Survey (HLS): Parents who identify another language spoken at home for questions one through three on the HLS will trigger an initial ELPAC assessment.
  2. Initial ELPAC: Students will be tested within 30 days of enrollment.  The results will determine if the student is an English learner (EL) or is Initial Fluent English Proficient (IFEP).  If the student is an EL, the student needs to participate in English Language Development (ELD) through one of the options offered by the district.
  3. ELD Instruction: Students receive Integrated and Designated ELD daily.
  4. Summative ELPAC: EL students take the Summative ELPAC yearly, and instruction is adjusted depending on the results.  If the student receives a score of level 4, then they can be considered for reclassification.
  5. Reclassification Process: Students with an overall ELPAC level 4 score will be reviewed with the district's criteria for reclassification (see below).
  6. MonitoringReclassified students will be monitored for four years to assure the district that the students are successful in all academic areas after being reclassified.

English Learner Reclassification Process
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