General Information/Policies

Pick up/ Dismissal info


Please ensure that the school is able to contact you during the day by providing at least two phone numbers where you can be reached. Please keep the school informed of any changes in telephone numbers, emergency contacts, bus stops, or other information. In some cases, current information is critical. SCHOOL HOURS - Kindergarten-Grade 6 instruction begins at 9:15 am and dismisses at 3:20 pm. Please be aware that interruptions in the classroom program due to late arriving students and early dismissals affect not only your child's education but also that of the other children in the classroom. Please keep these interruptions to a minimum. Thank you.


Drop off will start at 9:00am: No students should be allowed to exit their cars until 9:00am. Families are to drive through the parking lot to drop off students who will then be directed by staff to enter the campus. Busses will lineup along Baseline Road with staff escorting students across the parking lot. All students will be provided with the choice to have breakfast.  


Please call the front office at (760) 367-7538 to notify office personnel when there is a change in your child's transportation plans. Any student who normally rides a bus home from school will be put on the bus he/she regularly rides unless the office is notified by the parent or guardian of the change. This procedure is for your child's protection.


Pick ups and walkers will be escorted to the front of the school. Families will stay in their vehicles and drive through the parking lot. Families will stop just before the crosswalk for a staff member to call out the number assigned to their vehicle. Staff will radio for your children and they will be escorted to your vehicle. 

Busses will lineup along Baseline Road and staff will escort bus riders across the parking lot to their designated bus when the bus number is called.  

Parking in the Visitor lot is very limited. The handicap parking places are in the lot for designated cars only. The red zone along the curb in front of the school is for emergency vehicles only per vehicle code 22500 (No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle whether attended or unattended, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a peace officer or traffic control device) and vehicle code 21458 (Red indicates no stopping, standing, or parking whether the vehicle is attended or unattended, except that a bus a may stop in a red zone marked as a bus zone).


Messages and Visitor INFO


Messages to students are handled through the office and delivered to rooms by staff or student messengers at recess time. Delivery of flowers/balloons will be picked up by students in the office after school but are not allowed in the classrooms. Parents may consider picking their child up if a delivery is made at school as it is a potential distraction for the bus driver. We cannot guarantee delivery of messages to students after 3:00 p.m. Messages to kindergarten cannot be guaranteed after 12:15 p.m.


We welcome visitors, parents and volunteers to the school. All visitors, parents and volunteers must report to the office and sign in before going to the classroom. This is for safety and security and is required by State Law.



Complaint Forms are available from the school secretary.

Student Property and Responsibilities


Students are to use books in a reasonable manner and cover all textbooks with non-adhesive book covers to provide protection. Textbooks and any books that are lost or damaged will be charged to the pupil to whom it was assigned. This also includes library books. Report cards may not be released until all financial obligations for that student are met.


Pupils are discouraged from bringing personal articles from home in order to avoid loss, damage or arguments over ownership. The school is not responsible for these items. We do have a Lost and Found in the multi-purpose room and encourage you to look through it when clothing, backpacks, etc. are misplaced.


Board policy prohibits possession of cell phones containing cameras on school grounds by students. Any other type of cell phone must be turned off during the day and kept in the child's backpack. If the phone is confiscated, parents will be required to pick it up in the office. (California Ed. Code 48901)


Water bottles are allowed at school. They are to be filled with clear water ONLY.

Misc. INFO


The parents represented at Palm Vista Elementary School are active in their support of and participation in our total school program. The Parent/Teacher Association (PTA), classroom volunteers, and school projects offer parents an opportunity to serve in its many school related projects. Please see more detailed information in the volunteer section of your parent guide and in the volunteer handbook available in the office.


Panther Pride Cards are issued by the office staff and playground personnel for exceptional behavior, such as turning in lost items of value and helping other students. Tickets are drawn from those issued to win lunch with the principal each trimester at awards assemblies.


Field trips are intended to be an extension of a student's educational experience in the classroom. While we can appreciate how much fun it can be to accompany your child to exciting places, the ratio of adults to children for field trips is one adult to five children. The teacher counts as one adult chaperone. When the chaperone number is filled, no more adults will be asked to attend. No siblings or extended family members are allowed on the field trips under school supervision. If you will be driving your own car and transporting your own child to or from the event, you must fill out paperwork available from the school secretary. Please have current auto insurance and driver's license available for photocopying. If there are several field trips throughout the school year, the teacher will make every effort to rotate the chaperone duties. Thank you for supporting your child's education by participating in daily as well as special events.


PVES is in full compliance with the requirements of providing core curriculum textbooks for every child. For more details, please contact the principal or refer to the posters that can be found in each classroom and in the office.

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