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Girls Tennis

Summer Practice Schedule

Week 1
Monday, July 153:00-5:00
Tuesday, July 163:00-5:00
Wednesday, July 173:00-5:00
Thursday, July 183:00-5:00
Week 2
Monday, July 223:00-5:00
Tuesday, July 233:00-5:00
Wednesday, July 243:00-5:00
Thursday, July 253:00-5:00
Week 3
Monday, July 23:00-5:00
Tuesday, July 303:00-5:00
Wednesday, July 313:00-5:00
Thursday, August 13:00-5:00
Season practices will start on August 19
Monday, August 198:00-10:00 am
Tuesday, August 208:00-10:00 am2:15-4:00 pm
Wednesday, August 218:00-10:00 am2:15-4:00 pm
Thursday, August 22 2:15-4:00 pm
School starts on August 26. There will be no practice the first day of school.
August 27: Practice will be right after school from 2:15-4:30.
This will be the standard time for all practices.
Our first League match will be on Tuesday, September 3, 2019. 

Girls Tennis Schedule

Coaching Staff

Cindy Miller
Cindy Miller
Biology / Computer Applications
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