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Janet Larson

Integrated Math, Algebra, Geometry, Personal Finance, Career Technical Trades

Janet Larson
Office: 760-369-6310
The following are classroom guidelines of the subject areas and she teaches:


Algebra I students receive directed and individualized instruction that extends the conceptual and analytic approach of mathematics and expands the focus of study from solving equations and applying formulae to include a structural analysis of expressions, equations, and inequalities. Students will expand their analysis of linear expression to exponential and quadratic expressions, and then to polynomial and rational expressions. They will represent expressions and equations graphically, starting with linear equations and progressing to exponential and quadratic equations. A strong emphasis in the study is its applicability to real-world situations and relationships and students come to understand the process of solving equations as one of reasoning.


Students of geometry will expand their experiences with transformations using them in the plane as a foundation to prove congruence and similarity. Students will use trigonometric ratios and apply these concepts to solve problems involving right triangles and connect algebraic equations or formulae to geometric properties and structures. Students will investigate modeling real-world situations by applying geometric concepts.
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