Jolie Kelley


Students earn credits in English 9 through English 12, depending on their credit needs. There are many ways to earn credits. All students are required to write two essays per credit check. The format is on this web page. The final versions of the essays must be typed. We have computers at Black Rock High School for student use.

Each student has a literature workbook. Credits are earned per section identified on a slip of paper stapled on the inside of the workbook.

When students have completed their workbooks, they may move on to reading novels and completing novel packets, or completing the literature book contracts located on this web page.

English students may receive "directed instruction" credit two days per week. Attendance is very important as credit is awarded for participation and completion of directed assignments.
My name is Jolie Kelley and I've been working for the Morongo Unified School District since 1990. Some people may remember me from the years I taught English at YVHS.  I also coached Speech and Debate, Mock Trial, and Academic Decathlon at YVHS.  Others may know me as a school administrator.  I have worked as a school administrator at TPJHS, YVES, and the District Office. Last year, I was at LCMS and taught Honors Life Science and Honors Math 7.
I'm very happy to be at BRHS.  From the time I decided to return to the classroom, I've wanted to be at Black Rock. This year, I was fortunate that an opening presented itself.  As far as experience teaching English, I taught English at YVHS for 12 years, LCMS for one year,  and at Copper Mountain College for three semesters before becoming a school administrator.  I hold Bachelor Degrees in English and Liberal Studies, and I hold Masters Degrees in Humanities and Educational Leadership.  
On the personal side, my husband and I have lived in the Morongo Basin for over 30 years.  We have two daughters who both attended YVHS, and we currently reside in Yucca Valley.  I enjoy reading and traveling, and hope to get some trips in this summer.  My long term goal is to remain at BRHS until retirement (many years away).  Lastly, I enjoy working with children, and I'm very happy to be teaching! 

Jolie Kelley
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