Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten students must have parents/guardians or designees meet them at their assigned stop. Each kindergarten student will be required to have on file in the transportation office or bus contractor, along with the school, a form which contains:
  1. student name
  2. bus stop
  3. school of attendance
  4. parent/guardian signature
  5. date
  6. permission for student to walk alone and/or walk without supervision.
Each school site will have a complete list of bus routes and stops for their school. Parents should review the bus schedule with their children and indicate which stop is to be used as assigned by the school. Each school will have a computer record of the students’ bus stops. For students in grades 1-6, notes MUST be sent to the school if parents wish to change their child’s bus or bus stop. Students in grades 1-6, going home with other students, must have notes from all involved parents/guardians. Prior to the afternoon departures, the loading area school staff will assist in loading the children to make sure they are on the correct bus.
Although school buses are the safest form of highway transportation in the United States, there are specific steps that you and your children can take to improve their safety. The following material will provide you with the information you need to help your children learn the rules.
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