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Late Start Procedures

Late Start Procedures

Oasis Late-Start Minimum Days

Cartoon clock
  • How do I find out when late-start minimum days are?
  • Magnetic Calendar—we have more in the office
  • Website Calendar
  • Electronic Billboard
  • Automated Phone Voice Reminders on the Wednesday and Friday before
  • This flyer
  • What are the times?
  • Kindergarten-6th Grade           10:40 to 2:45 (Kinder parents see below for release instructions)
  • Will the busses run on late-start mornings?
  • Yes. Busses will be at the normal stops 2 hours later than normal mornings. For instance, if your bus normally comes at 8:12, the late-start bus will be there at 10:12.
  • When can I drop my students off in the morning?
  • Not before 10:20 a.m.
  • Is there breakfast?
  • No, lunch will be served at the normal time. The first lunch is served at 10:55.
  • How will the Kindergarteners get home?
  • Bus:
  • Kinders who normally ride the Kinder bus will go home on the 3 afternoon busses. We will match each Kinder busser to an uppergrade “Big Buddy” to make sure they get on the correct bus and get off the bus at the correct stop. Someone must be at the bus stop for the kindergarten busser. Parents may give permission for your Kinder to walk with a sibling or older child. Bus drivers may not be able to match a kindergarten busser with a parent as there are so many students that get off at each stop. If you are concerned about the bus ride home, you may certainly pick-up your student at school at 2:45.
  • Parent Pick-up:
  • Kindergarten parent pick-up will be in the MPR. Kinder students will   be kept separate from all other students and will be released to parents or anyone on the blue card with ID. 

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