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Malisha Brewer

M BREWER, Education Specialist

Happy New Year Falcon Family School Year


1,2,3 Accountability   *    4,5,6 Have Ethic    *   7,8,9 Empathy is Mine

Welcome everyone to SY 21-22. I am excited about the oasis of learning being offered to each student this year at TPJHS. I will be teaching Math (Periods 1A, 6B and 8B) and Study Skills (Periods 2A and 5B). Social Emotion Learning (SEL) and Prosocial Behavior will be a part of this years instruction in each class.

Homework will be topic related instruction using our online program called Moby Max which can be accessed through the Clever app found in the student portal and on the school website (Resources>Student Resources) or district website (Digital Portal located at the top of the page).

Late work will be accepted, but must be turned within five (5) school days after it has been assigned to earn full credit. After five days, credit may decrease 5% for each five day period.

I look forward to teaming with you for a safe and successful school year for all. Let's Go Falcons!

Teacher Contact Info:  Questions/Concerns?
Malisha Brewer 
Office Hours: Tuesdays 7:00 am - 7:20 am when possible 
TPJHS (760) 367-9507
(email is at the bottom of the page)


Grade 7 practices, projects and activities will focus on developing skills to understand and apply proportional relationships, operations with rational numbers, expressions and linear equations, scale drawings, geometric figures and drawing inferences.

Grade 8 practices, projects and activities will focus on mathematics calculation and mathematics reasoning of expressions and equations, functions, geometric figures, similarity and congruence, and the Pythagorean Theorem.


Study Skills practices, projects and activities will incorporate lessons designed to develop useful habits students can use in and out of school. Core Class Support, Academic Adaptive Skills, Citizenship, and Future Education and Careers success strand topic information will support students mastering beneficial life skills that can be applied now and in the future.


Until further notice FACE MASKS are required.

Teacher Contact Info Via Email

Malisha Brewer
Special Programs Teacher
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