Math Department

Walters, Doug
STEAM/ Math Teacher
My name is Mr. Walters and I have the pleasure of working with the Morongo Unified School District since 2007 as a teacher.

I grew up in 29 Palms for the majority of my life and I am a product of the Morongo Unified School District.  I graduated from Twentynine Palms High School a few decades ago.

I am amazed by the bright minds of our students as they problem-solve with ingenuity and imagination.  They are utilizing 21st Century Skills to overcome adversity that has been placed before them.

This year I have the honor of teaching both 8th-grade mathematics during our Distance Learning model. My schedule is:

A Days
B Days
1Math 87:11 - 8:40
7Math 88:44 - 10:13
2Math 88:44 - 10:13
9STEAM10:48 - 12:17
5STEAM12:21 - 1:50
10Int Math12:21 - 1:50

The best way to communicate with me is through Synergy.
My email is [email protected]
Fisk, Rebecca
Math Teacher
         Long Term Math Substitute: 
         Dr. Crow, Patrick
        [email protected]

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