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Students on Campus 

We have no supervision for students before 8:25 a.m. No students may be on campus before 8:25 a.m. unless eating breakfast (Breakfast is 8:15-8:40 in the MPR).


Morning Drop-Off for all students

Parents are to drop off students off at the lane that runs along the front of the school.  Students will exit from their parents car and enter the campus through the gate closest to the Office. Do not pass other cars (even if there seems to be room ahead).  After you drop-off your child, you may proceed cautiously in the lane to exit. 

If you want to accompany your child onto campus in the morning (ie. walking students to breakfast or to class), you must legally park in the parking lot, enter office, sign in and get a visitor pass from the office staff, and then walk onto campus.  Some mornings the office is busy, please be patient and wait to sign in.  Signing in is for the safety and security of staff and students. If you want to visit the classroom teacher before school, please make an appointment ahead of time with the teacher.  Please take the time to sign out in the office before leaving.  Again, this is for the security of the entire campus.


Afternoon Pick-Up 

Parents must pick-up children at the gate closest to the office. Parking can be tight, so please arrive early and have patience. Parents/Guardians must park in the lot in front of the office. Staff will release students from the gate closest to the office. Parents are not to pick up students from the MPR when students are lining up for the buses. East and West side walkers will be released at the gate closest to the MPR once all classes have been released and traffic has lightened.  This is for the safety of those students needing to walk home and cross the street.

 Lunch Visitation

If you want to visit your child for lunch, you must come in and check in at the office and get a visitor sticker using the RAPTOR Visitor System. You may eat lunch with your child only on Friday’s, not other students.  Please remember to sign out and leave your badge as you leave the campus.

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