YVHS Physical Education


(One report for each day absent)


1. Using a current magazine or website, choose an article on sports or fitness.

2. Read the article.     (Cut and Paste will result in no-credits)

3. Report on the article.  (Work must be in your own words)

      a.   In the upper right-hand corner, print your name. Under your name, print your period.


  b.   Print the following in this exact sequence:

                   Author (of the article, last name first).

                   “Title of the article.” (In quotes “)

Name of the magazine or website address. (Underlined) Volume:  page, date.

Example: Williams, John. “Olympic Volleyball” Sports Illustrated, 3:249, July 1, 2007.


       c.   The entire report must be hand printed or typed. (No cut and paste)

                   1. If you type the report, double space. The report must be a minimum of one page.


                   2.    If you print, skip every other line. The report must be two (2) pages minimum.

       d.   Content of the report


                   1.  Summary – one or two paragraphs describing the important aspects of the article.

                   2.    Analysis – one or two paragraphs of critical analysis. Explain what the author was attempting to 
                        accomplish with this article and if he was successful. Describe your reactions to the article. Would 
                        you recommend this article to other students? Do not simply answer “yes” or “no”. Explain why or why 

Physical Education Faculty

Donald Curci
Donald Curci
Physical Education
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Jeremy Johnson
Physical Education
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Jay Stepp
Physical Education
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