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Physical Education Department

Activities – (These include, but are not limited, to the following activities):

Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, Hawaiian Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Softball, Soccer, Speedball, Dodgeball, Team Handball, Badminton, Tennis, Kickball, Weight Room, Ping Pong, Pilo Polo, Running, and Physical Fitness.

Freshmen will focus on conditioning for the California Physical Fitness Test.


Typical Day in Physical Education:

1. Roll Call

2. Stretching, Pushups, Situps and Plyometrics

3. Running

4. Physical Education Unit


Grading in Physical Education






A 90% – 100%

B 80% – 89%

C 70% – 79%

D 60% – 69%

F 0 – 59%

  1. Written Notice to Parent / Return it to Coach
  2. Phone Call Home
  3. Detention
  4. Class Suspension (1 Day)
  5. Class Suspension (2 Days)


*****Grades will be updated online ******


Students failing to suit up for PE and failing to borrow a PE uniform will receive a referral.


Dressing Procedures and Policies:

Uniform- Grey shirt ($4), Black shorts ($7). Sweat suits are recommended on cold days.

  1. To participate safely in PE, students need to wear running shoes and a PE uniform consisting of a PE shirt and PE shorts.
  2. The concern for personal hygiene requires that students change clothes after participating in Physical Education. Therefore, PE Clothes over your street clothes are not permitted.
  3. Students MUST properly label their PE clothes.
  4. If students fail to bring their PE clothes to class, students MUST borrow PE clothes up to three times per quarter without consequence. These clothes are washed daily. Please note, forgetting to wash or dry clothes is not an excuse not to dress.
  5. Students should purchase PE clothes from the ASB office. Students who can not afford to purchase PE clothes should talk to their Coach.
  6. Students failing to suit up for PE and failing to borrow a PE uniform will receive a referral.

Locks and Lockers:

  1. Students should not share their combination with anyone.
  2. Students should lock up their items at all times. MUSD can not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
  3. Students must follow the rules that are clearly posted in the locker room.
  4. No horse play of any sort will be tolerated.
  5. Defacing or damaging of lockers will result in a referral per discipline matrix.


Participation and Health Requirements:

  • When students attend class, they are required to be dressed in their PE uniform and should not come to PE in school clothes.
  • Students excused from an activity will still be required to dress in a PE uniform. This enables the Physical Education teacher to easily identify students who are in PE from those students who may be truant from another class.
  • If it is necessary to be excused from PE, a note from home must be brought to PE class at the beginning of the scheduled class period. Students are responsible for making up points if he/she exceeds (3) excuses per quarter.
  • If a student needs to refrain from physical education for a period exceeding (2) days, a medical excuse from a physician is required.
  • In order for a student to participate in a limited physical education program rather than go to the library, a medical excuse from a physician is required. (The physician should specify the exact physical participation that is permitted.)
  • Medically excused students who are sent to the library must report to PE roll call. A student in the library will be allowed to earn points by completing Sports Assignments or Internet assignments for Physical Education.


Sexual Health Education for America's Youth

California state law (Education Code 51933) requires certain, very specific, criteria are met when instructing students in sexual health education.


Please click here for legal references required of each school with regards to this instruction.


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum, or opting out of this instruction for your student, please contact the site administration at (760) 367-9591 ext. 2222 or email the principal.

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