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Playground Rules

Playground Rules

Oasis Playground Rules

Most Important

  • Immediately follow all adult directions, including and especially noon supervisors
  • Be safe!

General Rules

  • No chasing or playing tag
  • No hitting, tripping, or throwing rocks, pine cones—anything
  • Walkto and from the playground until you get to blacktop
  • When bell rings, walk immediately to your line
  • Playground ends at blacktop, woodchips, and equipment—further out is not open 

Ball Games

  • Follow real PE rules
  • Be a good sport 


  • Swing back and forth in a straight line, do not twist or go from side to side
  • Stand far out in front or behind if someone in the swings, out of the way
  • Do not jump
  • If you want to swing, you may start to count 30 swings and then you can switch 

Big Equipment

  • Do not jump from the big equipment
  • Do not go up  or clog slides
  • Do not climb on outside of slides or monkey  bars or jungle gym
  • Do not pull students off of anything
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