March 2021 Message: 

Good times and we’re having them! Well, we are having times! But it is always good when we hear about the students here at Landers Elementary.  

Thank you all for paying close attention to the schools that are opening all around us, and how the move to the Red  Range means more opportunities for us all to start to spread out and breathe a little air other than our own houses. I know our families can use some of that fresh air!  

We recently took a K-2 survey here at the school that mentioned if we opened school for those three grades, how many families would come back this year for in person learning.  Our school had 93% of parents answer yes. This does not have anything to do with whether we return or not. Rather it was just informational. The Board of Education will decide whether or not we will re-open this year, and how we can do it in the most safe and effective way. I believe it is a decision that shouldn’t be taken without thought, and I am glad they are looking out for the interests of the children. Be on the lookout for some information regarding summer school, tutoring, and potential re-openings for our district.    

Please note we have End-of-Quarter testing happening now until April 2nd. We will  be calling to check on students and when those that need to come in to test will be here. Please note these are not the state tests we are talking about in the article inside of this newsletter.  

Look for Parent Conferences soon! The end of the third quarter is March 26! Be safe, and well!

John Lowe - Principal


The Vision of Landers Elementary School is to empower our students with the skills and the knowledge to develop self worth and values that will enable them to become productive, responsible citizens who continue to pursue personal, academic, and social growth. 

The Mission of Landers Elementary School is to provide a quality education for all students.  We provide a strong foundation in basic skills.  We share important values and beliefs, especially respect for self and others.  We prepare students for responsible citizenship and a productive work life.  We instill a lifelong love of learning.  We believe our goals can only be achieved through the shared efforts of the community, parents, and school.

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