Principal's Message

Welcome to 2022-2023!


Please let me take a few minutes and introduce you to an amazing and unique school; Morongo Valley Elementary School. Morongo Valley Elementary School (MVES) is a family, an educational resource, and a community. We are a small school with a veteran staff and this gives us many advantages.
Our mission at Morongo Valley Elementary School is to provide an exceptional learning environment in which all students are fully engaged daily in appropriate standards-driven Common Core curriculum, which respond to the individual needs of all students, including their social and emotional needs.
MVES is the home of the Mustangs.  Mustangs are respectful, responsible, ready, and follow directions. 
Here at Morongo Valley Elementary School, students not only learn academic skills, they also learn personal and community values.
 At MVES, we support and lift each other up, and treat each other with respect and dignity.  Students learn to be loyal and kind.  By learning to care about others, we also learn to care about ourselves.
In the town of Morongo Valley, the school and the community work together to help young people and adults learn to know one another by listening to and respecting others.  
In the Morongo Unified School District students come first, and at MVES we teach and live by this mantra.  Students learn to put their classmates and others ahead of themselves in order to create community and encourage belonging and growth.  Part of the unique opportunity at Morongo Valley Elementary School is that the faculty and staff get to know every child and every family.   By choosing to be part of this community you are choosing to be connected.
One of the unique features of our school building is the large bank of library windows that look towards Mount San Jacinto. This was a purposeful design. When we see mountains, we think about strength, staying power, courage, and other important Mustang qualities. By looking at this physical landmark and striving to do our personal best, we maintain and uphold the qualities that make our school unique and powerful!
Welcome to Morongo Valley and to Morongo Valley Elementary School!  I look forward to meeting you and spending time with you and your children.

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