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Mr. Gary Talley Principal

Mr. Talley and his lovely family enjoying family time and a meal together.


Hello from all of us at the Academy of College and Career Excellence (AC2E). This campus was created with the cooperation of Morongo Unified School District and Copper Mountain College to address the modern trends in public education. These trends include satellite access to college classes as well as Career Technical Education pathways coupled with a hybrid learning environment that promotes 21st Century Learning.

We are excited to present students (grades 9-12) in the Morongo Basin with new opportunities that focus Career Technical training. Our students are expected to adhere to the idea that they are working to become employable citizens of our community. To that end, individual work ethic that will result in quality work products were, and still are, the priority in the initial goals of our staff and our students have been responding in positive fashion. In addition to fostering great work ethic, students are exposed to project-based learning strategies which encourage cross-curricular connections and good communication skills.

Recently, AC2E opened its doors to the public to provide an opportunity for our community to see what we are doing as well as discuss our future goals. The level of technology and support on our campus is impressive and the vision of our staff, as well as that of MUSD and Copper Mountain College, will push students to achieve academic and vocational goals that may have seemed impossible in the past. Students in our community now have access to new resources that can be used to explore the vocational and college experiences that may become vital parts of their futures.

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