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Risk Management

Welcome and thanks for visiting the Risk Management Department page. We are part of the Business Services Team and work hard to ensure that our students learn in a safe and secure environment.

"RISK MANAGEMENT" includes a very wide range of responsibilities including employee safety, safety of those who visit and utilize our facilities, as well as the protection of the facilities themselves - including the processes that take place there.

Essentially, there are three approaches to managing "risk":

- Identify the nature and extent of the "risk" - take steps to eliminate the risk if possible or manage its effects.

- Develop safety programming policies and procedures to minimize risk whenever or wherever possible.

- Obtain insurance to reduce the financial losses from claims that cannot be prevented.

In an educational environment, Risk Management obviously includes the maintenance of a safe environment for children - who are often less attentive to safety issues than adults are. To that extent, all school site administrators and staff need to be watchful and mindful about the safety of schools and the students who attend them.

Contact Us

Jack Salseda Jr
Risk & Transportation Director
Albert Kent
Safety / Compliance Officer & Worker's Comp.

Morongo Unified School District - Hazard Mitigation Plan FINAL

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