Rules of Conduct

Students will be picked up and let off only at designated stops, and must ride the assigned bus. In order to assure orderly and safe transportation of all passengers on a school bus, the following guidelines/rules have been established:
  1. Be respectful and courteous to the bus driver in conduct and language.
  2. Remain seated at all times.
  3. Sit only in regular seats and keep hands and arms inside the bus at all times.
  4. Do not make, or cause to be made, unnecessary noise such as loud talking, screaming, stomping of feet, loud singing or any other noise which would distract the driver.
  5. No fighting or scuffling while on the bus.
  6. Do not throw any article in or out of the bus.
  7. No eating or drinking on buses.
  8. No littering of the bus with paper, gum or other trash.
  9. No animals or reptiles on the bus (except seeing-eye dogs).
  10. Students will not be permitted to bring such items as skate boards, radios, jam boxes, balloons, or glass objects onto the bus. Any other object deemed to be unsafe cargo on the bus will be denied. The driver will have authority to deny transportation to a student with such articles in his/her possession. The driver and/or school corporation bears no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items brought on the bus.
Video Cameras: To promote a safe environment on the buses for all students, we will be using video cameras on a rotating basis on most of our regular buses. There is a possibility that your student may be filmed while being transported. Video tapes will be used strictly by MUSD personnel in order to maintain appropriate discipline and a safe environment on our buses.
Notice of Unsatisfactory Conduct: When infractions occur, the driver will submit a school bus referral to the District Office of Transportation and the home school of the student involved. It shall include: student’s name, date of occurrence, nature of misconduct, bus and route number, driver’s signature.
Parent Contact Information: When your child has any problems on a bus, first contact your child’s principal. If the issue is not resolved by the school or if you have questions regarding bus routing, etc., contact the Director of Transportation at (760)367-9191, ext. 4238.
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