Scholarships & Financial Aid

This Tuesday and Wednesday, EVERFI and Sallie Mae are bringing families together for a free webinar around best practices for financing post-secondary education. 
This virtual event will equip students and their families with helpful information around the challenging process of financial aid, savings plans, and loans.

Families have the option of tuning into the webinar on one or both of these topics/dates:

Tuesday, May 11: Planning for College
6:00pm PST English
7:00pm PST Spanish

Wednesday, May 12: Finding Free Money
6:00pm PST English
7:00pm PST Spanish


Choosing a Best Fit College and a Major

How to Support Your Teen Through the College Search

Earn College Credit in High School

CSUSB Office of Admissions

*To register for CSUSB Snapshot, CSUSB Preview or Transfer CSUSB please visit the Events Website: https://www.csusb.edu/visit-csusb/admissions-events


CSU Admissions Handbook

This handbook is directed primarily toward high school and community college counselors responsible for advising students who are preparing for university study and toward CSU admission evaluators and admission officers who interpret documents submitted in support of applications for admission.


CSUSB Admissions info on CSUSB Website

First-Year Students


Degrees and Programs on CSUSB Website

Degrees and Programs A-Z


For more info check out our Outreach Website: https://www.csusb.edu/outreach-student-recruitment. We have a Chatbox on our website that can answer general questions about admissions: https://www.csusb.edu/admissions/apply-csusb

Going to College?

Please see Student Support Specialist Kathy Derouen in the YVHS College and Career center or send her an email for an appointment or for more information on “Getting Into College.” You can also click the link in the Downloads section at the top of the page for a complete timeline.

CATEMA Information

YVHS Students can earn college credit for taking high school electives through a program called CATEMA.

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