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School History

YVES Beginnings

"7 Room School Building for Yucca Village" was the headline in the Yucca Valley Star on July 21, 1948. This was the beginning of a long process to get Yucca Valley Elementary School to where it is today. The school was to be located on 15 acres donated by Mr. Fred A. Storey, located at 7601 Hopi Trail, Yucca Valley, CA. With a budget of $112,685 and all the necessary plans approved, work on the building began.

With the location of the school and the area it was to serve, it was decided that the school would be called Joshua Monument School. Being the first building in the town that had been constructed specifically to be a school, the doors opened on January 2, 1951. There were four classrooms and a kindergarten to serve the entire west end of the Morongo Basin. 120 students entered the school, ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade.

With such a large area to serve, by 1953 the school was overwhelmed with enrollment. Due to this, the decision was made to move the 7th and 8th grades to one location, as well as the 6th grade to the old school building. Thankfully, construction on four new classrooms was immediately initiated. By 1957, the school had grown large enough that a multi-purpose room/cafeteria was added on as well.

With the growth of the surrounding areas, it was decided to build another school that opened in 1958 in the town of Joshua Tree. To avoid any confusion, it was decided that Joshua Monument would change its name to Yucca Valley Elementary School. By 1963, yet another two classrooms were added to the existing building.

By the year 1981, enrollment at Yucca Valley Elementary School had grown to an outstanding 1,059. Due to the amazing number of students, the school district decided to transfer some of the students to other newer schools, including Joshua Tree Elementary School and Morongo Valley Elementary School.

Over the past 30 years, Yucca Valley Elementary School has continued to grow. It has gone from a 7 room building, to an effective learning environment of 32 classrooms, 2 playgrounds, a library with a circulation of approximately 12,000 books, a computer lab with 35 individual computers, physical education facility, an onsite state preschool, with an average of 48 students and administration building. Currently, the school has approximately 600 students, 26 teachers, a speech pathologist, school nurse, school counselor, cafeteria staff, two library clerks, three custodians, numerous instructional aides, noon supervisors, office staff and parent/community volunteers.

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