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School Hours

School Hours

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All grade levels should arrive between 9:00am - 9:25am, ready for class to begin at 9:30am. Supervision is provided from 9:00 - 9:30am in the MPR for students eating breakfast and on both the primary and intermediate playgrounds. A bell will ring at 9:25am, signalling students to line up for class. Students must be in class at 9:30am.


All grade levels are dismissed at 3:30pm. All bus riders gather in lines according to their bus numbers on the upper playground. Buses are held for about 10 minutes or until the supervisor receives the "all clear" from the office.

Due to safety concerns, students who are walking home southbound on Hopi Trail are held at the side gate until about 3:35pm. For the safety of our students, if you are meeting your student that is a walker, please make arrangements to meet them up at Jacobs Park. This way the sidewalk stays clear for ALL of our walkers! For northbound students, they will exit the campus from the staff parking lot gate, and escorted down to the corner of Hopi Trail and Pueblo. If you will be meeting your student, please arrangement to meet them at that corner. Alot of our parents want to stand at the corner of our exit driveway and not only is this a danger to your student, but to you and all others in that area. We have a constant flow of vehicles pulling out there from our Parent Pickup and do not want anyone getting hurt.

Parent Pickup is handled with corresponding backpack tags and car placards. If you must walk to pick your student up from the Parent Pickup area, please have a seat on the blue bench next to the MPR and wait patiently till a break in numbers being called OR till the last car has pulled through. This is done for the safety of your student. Please drive carefully!

When making changes to your child's transportation home, please notify the office by 2:00pm.
Arrival and Dismissal Procedures are subject to change. 
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