School Supplies

School Supplies

TPJHS Summer Shopping Dos and Don’ts

Often, parents would like to go shopping during the summer for school supplies, but are not always sure of what to get, especially for students new to TPJHS. We do have a general list on our website, but here is another list of suggestions made by our teachers this year. Although we cannot guarantee what each student will need due to their individualized schedules, and teachers may still suggest items not on this list after the school year begins, this should get you started. Remember that if you are struggling to provide necessary items for you child due to financial demands, please contact the school to discuss the situation. Teachers are also happy to accept donations of these items if you are shopping and they happen to be on sale! This way they can distribute them throughout the year to others who may have lost or damaged their materials and are not able to get a replacement.

Suggested items for purchase and accepted for donation by teachers and/or library


Book covers

(4) Composition books and/or spiral notebooks )Teacher preference will vary)

(5 per day) pencils, sharpened or mechanical

Lead refills for mechanical pencils

(2 per day) Pens (blue or black ink)

(1 per day) Highlighter

3-ring binder

Folder for each subject

Notebook paper

Extra eraser

Colored pencils

Glue stick



Other important items to have at School

        PE clothes

Plastic bag for swimsuit during PE swim unit

Student Planner (Carry daily, 1st one provided by the school, replacements can be purchased in the student store

Student ID (carry daily, 1st one provided by school, replacements can be purchased in the student store)

SSR book (can be checked out from the library, open most days at lunch)

Workbooks and textbooks as instructed by the teacher (checked out to students from the library at the beginning of the year and due back in the same condition at the end of the year, or subject to fines)


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