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School Site Council

Site-based Management/School Site Council

School Site Council (SSC) typically meets once a month on the first Tuesday each month in the principal's conference room at or shortly after 2:00 PM. All SSC meetings are public hearings and visitors are welcome. 

For information regarding upcoming SSC meetings, please contact Marty Lomax at (760) 367-9591 or click here for email.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

1.) Every student will be college/career ready upon graduation: 

a. Score a 3 or higher on the SBAC for math and English. 

b. Pass 2 Advanced Placement exams.

c. Complete a career technical pathway.

d. Fulfill A-G requirements and score 3 or higher on SBAC English, pass 1 AP exam, or complete one CTE pathway. 

2.) Every student will meet graduation requirements.

3.) Every student will demonstrate the ability to use technology in efficient and effective ways to enhance learning opportunities and complete learning tasks.

4.) Every student will positively participate in school culture through involvement in extra-curricular or community centered activities. 

5.) Every student will participate in the school-wide PBIS culture by observing the rules of “be prompt, be prepared, be polite” in his/her behaviors:

a.  Reduce offenses that lead to out of school suspensions by 5%.


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Master Scheduling Committee

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