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Are you experiencing difficulties with your instructional technology?

Some problems are big. Some small. We encourage you to always use our Information Technology department to resolve technology issues. In anticipation of high volume requests for assistance during the Distance Learning process, we would also like to help support you from the site level. 

Our site technology coordinator, Jason Bolt (click name), can assist with technology to keep you up and running. His ability to diagnose the need to elevate issues to a tech ticket is quick and efficient. 

Your administrative team is also here to support you and keep technology in a functional place. During the continued closure for in-person instruction, our assistant principal, Jenny Cavelti (click name), will be able to support our off campus teaching staff with troubleshooting for instructional technology issues. Our principal, Justin Monical (click name), can assist our on-site teaching staff with technology and hardware issues. 

For uncommon or more serious technology problems, our highly trained professionals in the Information Technology department for the Morongo Unified School District are here to assist you. To submit a tech ticket, click here
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