Textbook Inspection Form



DATE _______________  TEACHER NAME __________________PERIOD: _______________


STUDENT ID#: __________________STUDENT NAME _______________________________


TEXT TITLE: ___________________________________________  BARCODE #: __________



¨       Form must be returned the day following receipt of the textbook, with parent signature (required)

¨       Students are responsible for the care and whereabouts of ALL textbooks checked out to them

¨       To avoid being charged for previous damage: make sure you are specific about the damage.

¨       Include all bent corners, cardboard showing, spine damage, binding damage, torn pages, indelible or permanent dirt and/or ink marks, outside and inside condition etc.

¨       Examples: Pages 1-15 stained; Page 176 torn and taped; Page 44 erased pencil marks; Pages 234-249 folded; front cover top corners bent; binding loose; top of spine bent/cardboard showing; corners reinforced with tape

¨       Use back of form if necessary








Parent/Guardian signature: _________________________________ Date: _____________



Student signature:_________________________________________Date:  ____________


A copy of the Morongo Unified School District Textbook Policy  #6161 2(a) is available in the school library.


¨       Students are responsible for textbooks and must pay for damages and/or value of the book

¨       Textbooks must be covered and checked by teachers

¨       Students or  parents or guardians will  be notified of any damages or charges

¨       A student’s grade report and transcripts may be withheld until books are returned and/or charges paid.


Tears, rips, taped pages, stains, writing, pencil erasers, white, out etc…......…………$0.25 per page

Book rebinding for torn, damaged or separated cover, or spine or broken binding....$15.00 per book

Lost or books damaged beyond repair, including water damage…………..……....Full Value of Book

This form will be kept on file, and compared with the textbook at the time of textbook check-in.


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