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World Languages (E)

Welcome to World Languages!

Bonjour! Salve! Ciao! Hola! Kon'nichiwa! Ni hao! Zdravstvuite! Hallo! Hello!

Welcome to The Foreign Language Department’s page. On this page you can learn about our department, the work we do, and our hard working teachers.

The goal of our department is to ultimately get students to speak more, in both their native tongue and the new one they are learning. We not only want to teach students a new language but also open their minds to other cultures. As teachers we do our best to teach all students, no matter their learning style. In their classes students participate in many engaging projects and exciting experiences. Señorita Jungwirth has students create stories in Spanish and draw pictures to go along with what is happening. Señora Riggs-Cuyno asks students to sing in class to improve grammar.


Outside the Classroom

We continue our work outside our own classrooms. While we have tried to form clubs in the past none have worked out. Our students get to learn about and celebrate holidays from the countries whose languages they are learning. To fit with the policies the state our teachers have begun to bring common core into the classrooms. Our students use their new found language skills outside the classroom to speak. The work we do in our classrooms continues to other classrooms as well: In our courses goes over history, English, and even mathematics. We teach students about history and how it has affected both the country the students live in and the ones they are learning about. In the classes the students learn much about the past of the countries they are studying. We help students in their English by going back the fundamentals such as grammar, nouns, verbs, and other basic language skills. Students are required to spell out words using letters in the tongue they are learning. We teach them rudimentary math when we go over the numbers in the target languages. Students must say the numbers in the language they are learning and then the answer of these numbers added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided.

Helping Students After High School

Taking a language course in high school will help students after graduation. Many prospective employers are impressed when they know you have taken a language. It will come in handy if they ever have to communicate with someone who speaks the language they are studying. Colleges also look for at least two years of a foreign language when students are applying. Learning a language can help a student in their future.

Our Teachers

The teachers of our department all work extremely hard to teach their students. Each one is trained in TPR, Total Physical Response. This is a method of teaching students by using their whole body to speak and learn the language. They are also trained in comprehensible input, storytelling, and speaking in nothing but the language they are teaching. Our Spanish and French teachers have all studied in their target language countries. This has improved their fluency and ability to speak these languages. The teachers are working on bringing common core into their classrooms.

World Languages Faculty

Jo-Ann Herrera
Jo-Ann Herrera
French l, ll, lll
Jennifer Jungwirth
Jennifer Jungwirth
Spanish / AVID / World Lang. Chair
Lyam Morales
Lyam Morales
Ariana Rodriguez
Ariana Rodriguez
Activities Director/Spanish
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