We will be holding volleyball and flag football tryouts on Tuesday September 20th. All interested students must have a completed after school permission slip before tryout date in order to participate. If you have any questions please speak with Coach B or Mrs. Brown for volleyball and Mr. Ronnie for flag football. 

We are a small district and only have one other 7/8 grade school in our district - La Contenta Middle School.  Each sport will play two games, one here at TPJHS and one at LCMS.  The exception to this is the Track meet, there is only 1 meet scheduled per year.  Each coach will provide students with our Field trip bus permission forms to ride the bus to LCMS to participate in the sporting event.  If you are planning on watching the game at LCMS and plan to transport your child home from the game, a Waiver of Transportation form must be filled out also.  The Coach of each sport will also provide that form to you.  If no Waiver is signed, then the student must ride the bus back to TPJHS for parent pickup at the school.  
 Students are allowed to try out for sports based on each coach's elilgibility requirements. Some coaches do not let students participate who are currently failing a class, others allow participation with a current F.  Each coach will announce their participation requirements in the bulletin before tryouts are scheduled.  Based on the number of students who go out for each sport, some teams will have to have tryouts which will result in some students not making the team.   
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