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Yucca Valley High School by Department

English Department 

9th Grade Team 

Sergio DeLeon

Kassandra Dunfee
Christina Petersen

10th Grade Team

Jacqueline Nicholson

Ky Seacat

11th Grade Team

Trent Nicholson

Jennifer Weber (Department Chairperson)

12th Grade Team
Elizabeth Drake
Richard Sanchez

SAI Teachers
Bryan Schutten
Erin Tarascio

Intervention Teacher 
Candice Kennerly 

Mathematics Department

1st Year Team

Lindsay Grisham 
Virginia Kellison

Derrick Le

2nd Year Team 

Mary Keck (Department Chairperson)
Edward McBride

3rd Year Team 
Patrick Francis 
Daniel Medeiros 
Samed Wali

SAI Teachers
Connor Madden 
Rebecca Pessa (Department Chairperson)
Rebecca Taylor

Intervention Teacher 
Daniel Stevens

Science Department

Biology Team
Amber Hernandez
Cindy Miller
Cindy Zacks

Chemistry Team 
Kyle Andrew 
Ellen Eberhard

Physics Team 
Matthew Martin (Department Chairperson)
Justin Pierce 

SAI Teacher 
Richard Hall

Social Science Department 

World History Team 
Jason Bolt (Department Chairperson)
Adam Wright

US History Team 
Devin Main 
Richard McAlhany 

Government & Economics Team
Shannon Lamoreux 
Matthew Rauch 

SAI Teachers
Jennifer Jennings
Melvin Smith

World Languages Department 

Spanish Team 
Jennifer Jungwirth (Department Chairperson)
Lyam Morales 
Ariana Rodriguez 

French Teacher 
JoAnn Herrera

Visual & Performing Arts Department 

Alyssa Fejeran

Crystal Mason (Department Chairperson)

Visual Arts 
Evelyn Todd
Krista Wargo

Career Technical Education Department 

Criminal Justice 
Bradley Ramos

Culinary Arts & Management
Ewalani Taijeron

Cyber Security & Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)
Michael Collins 

Dental Assisting
Laura Grabow

Pharmacy Technician
Sarah True

Physical Education Department 

First Year
Donald Curci
Jeremy Johnson

Second Year
Merl Abel (Department Chairperson)
Jay Stepp

Moderate/Severe Disabilities Education Department 

In-person Instruction
Holly Montgomery 
Donna Powell 

Home Instruction & Independent Study 
Minoo Sigler 

Emotional & Behavioral Disorders 
Nicole Aguayo (Department Chairperson)
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