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Our Mission

Through our commitment to excellence and the highest degree of integrity the goal of the Fiscal Services department strives to provide the Community, Board of Education, and district administrators accurate financial information and services. We are proud member of the Business Services Team.

We develop and produce the district budget and other financial documents along with associated state and federal reports while rigorously complying with all applicable accounting principals. With the objective to safeguard the district's resources, other accounting functions are performed which include accounts payable, accounts receivable, attendance, payroll, and benefit functions. These activities are provided with an emphasis on professional service, assistance, clarification, and cooperation to benefit the entire district and its focus on student achievement.

Contact Us

Faith Kondrit
Office: 760-367-9191 x 4266
Valerie Paulus
Budget Analyst
Office: 760-367-9191 x 4253
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